The Last Supper

By John Simon Nagarkar All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Drama

Chapter 7

The city of Goa and specially all the beautiful girls were gearing themselves for the big event – the party at the palace in honor of Captain Antonio. The fact that Captain Antonio was young, handsome and debonair didn’t matter much as much as the fact that he was still an eligible bachelor. And tonight all the girls were determined to make his acquaintance and get in close proximity.

At Rosalin’s house in the village, Rosalin too was getting dressed for the party. Since her father knew the Viceroy, it wasn’t difficult to get invited to the party and to be in the inner circle of the powerful and the rich. ‘Damn the women’, she cursed aloud as she adjusts her dress for the occasion. She knew she had to try something special to capture Antonio’s attention. She stared at herself in the mirror and then adjusted her wide brim hat while her twin sisters, smoothen her exotic silk gown that hugged her breasts and waist delicately and fell in a balloon around her legs. Satisfied, they took a step backward to look at her in awe. Rosalin turned around and looked at them with a smile. ‘So, what do you think?’

‘You look like a princess, you are so beautiful.’ Maria replied in admiration.

Theresa too looked at her dumbstruck by her beauty. ‘Yes, you look like an angel, beautiful angel, Rosa’

‘Hmmm…whatever.’ Rosalin looked at her two cousins appreciatively. ‘Well let’s see how effective this look is on Captain Antonio. Come on sweethearts, its time to go and charm the man himself.’ Saying this, she turned the two around and playfully spanked them on their behinds to usher them out of the room. No sooner did she reach the door that her mother walked in mumbling something under her breath. She looked at Rosalin from head to toe disgustedly.

‘I tell you this party is no good for you. Men will just stare at you lecherously.’ She shrieked at her.

‘Mama, please.’ Rosalin pleaded with her.

‘Don’t mama me. You’d never listen to me. Oh god, what’s wrong with this girl. Why don’t you understand girl, men just want to take you to bed.’ Her mother bawled. ‘Tia Alberto’s son Pedro is arriving soon from Bombaim with your Pai. I want you to marry him. He is a nice boy.’

‘But mama, I don’t want to marry a good for nothing.’ Rosalin pleaded. ‘ I want to marry someone rich and powerful, some handsome and debonair. Someone like…’ She trailed off dreamingly.

‘Captain Antonio!’ the twins exclaimed gleefully completing her sentence.

‘Yes darling, someone like Captain Antonio.’ She said winking at them mischievously. ‘Wow, it will be so much fun to be his wife, one of the most powerful woman in Goa.’

‘Stop dreaming girl. Wait till your Pai and Pedro comes back, I will get you two married, you just wait and see.’ Her mother exclaimed, shaking her head disgustedly.

‘Mama, pleaseeeeeeese.’ Saying this, Rosalin walked out of the room followed by her cousins who were trying desperately to stifle their laughter. As soon as they walked out of the door, Rosalin mimicked her mother’s voice, ‘Stop dreaming girl!’ and the trio broke into laughter.

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