The Last Supper

By John Simon Nagarkar All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Drama

Chapter 52

Present – 2004

The small group slowly walked out of the half-ruined church. Sanjose held on to Cathy, his arms wrapped around her shoulder. In her right hand, Cathy clutched Fr. Kane’s diary closely, her other arm around his waist, holding on to him dearly, her guardian angel.

There was complete peace and tranquility on Cathy’s face. Her disturbing dreams had died a silent death in the night. This morning had heralded in a new day in her life. She was going to start her life afresh without any fear of any more sleepless nights. The mystery was solved… the question answered. The diary said it all. The baby was a legitimate child of Rosalin and Antonio. She felt a deep sense of pride for Rosalin. She was after all a woman. She did what she felt was right by accepting her punishment when she could have easily escaped the rampage to start her life afresh with her baby. She atoned for her sins with her life. She, Cathy was a part of that graceful woman.

And Fr. Kane, she thought to herself, too had been righteous till the last hour of his life. He too after all was a human being. So vulnerable yet so dignified even at the time of his death. Finally, his soul too would rest in peace. The world would soon know his true story.

She stopped and turned around to take one last look at the rundown church. She slowly pried her hand loose and did the sign of the cross, the faded diary still clutched firmly in her hand. Her eyes rose up towards the steeple of the church to see a bird seated on it. As if on cue, it fluttered its wings and then flew across the sky to join its flock in the distance. An endearing smile appeared on her face as her eyes traced the flight of the bird as it flew gracefully in the morning sunlight. She turned around again and linking her arm back with Sanjose’s, started the long walk downhill with a happy stride.

* * *

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