The Last Supper

By John Simon Nagarkar All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Drama

Chapter 43

* * *

The next day, while the mass progress, Rosalin played the organ. Antonio watched her happily. Soon the mass got over and the people mingled out. Fr. Kane walked upto them. Antonio was beaming. ‘I don’t know how to thank you. Your words have done wonders to Rosalin. I have never seen her more happier in recent times.’

‘I have done nothing your highness. It’s God who’s shone the light in her life.’

‘Padre, You don’t seem to be your usual self. Is everything alright?’

‘Your highness…’ Fr. Kane hesitated a bit. But at Antonio’s encouraging nod, he continued. ‘I am a priest and I believe in spreading the word of God with love and understanding.’

‘Padre, I don’t understand.’

‘Your highness, for the sake of some few evil men from the village, we destroyed the whole village. The women and children have no place to go. If only we return back their belongings, their properties, I am sure they will be more than glad to embrace Christianity knowing that we are forgiving people.’

‘Padre, these people can be real stubborn.’

‘I know your highness, but this stage, they have nothing to loose and everything to gain.’

‘You do have a point, Padre. Let me speak to Pai about this.’

‘Gracia, your highness. But you think his highness will agree.’ Fr. Kane looked at him doubtfully.

Antonio paused. ‘So what have you in mind.’

‘I’ll be betraying his highness if I did this without anyone’s knowledge. But I wish to write to the King for his approval.’

‘Padre, if you think that will work, go ahead. I’ll back you.’

Fr. Kane smiled at him. Antonio gently patted his back in assurance. They then turned around to watch Rosalin walk towards them with an easy gait.

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