The Last Supper

By John Simon Nagarkar All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Drama

Chapter 42

* * *

At Kishen’s house in the village, a large number of villagers had gathered in the night. Kishen eyed their angry faces. ‘I want my father’s death to be avenged. And all those who have perished in the brutal assault by the soldiers.’

‘Yes Son. Tio Pedro was not only one of us but he believed in our freedom. He was a true revolutionary and a great leader who laid his life for us. We can’t let his death go in vain. No way.’ One of the villagers pointed out.

Another villager broke in. ‘They have confiscated our land and our homes. We have to fight to get that back.’

The first villager spoke again. ‘We can’t forget Rosalin’s role. She too harmed us. She should be dealt with too.’

Kishen raised his hand to calm the crowd. ‘Yes, and I know that she is my cousin but I won’t let that come in between our quest. I have received some very important news about Rosalin that will help us punish her.’

‘What news?’

‘News that will bring down the downfall of the entire Fonseca family. Samarth, tell us what you saw and heard in the church the other day.’

’Samarth one of the workers of the church hesitantly stood up. He was nervous and twitched his hands nervously. Animatedly, he told them about the scene between Rosalin and Fr. Kane.

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