The Last Supper

By John Simon Nagarkar All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Drama

Chapter 36

* * *

Unaware of the tragedy that befell on his family, Pascal Costa slept peacefully on the ship. Suddenly he smelt smoke. He quickly got up and walked out of his cabin to find the ship up in flames. He ran back in his room to find his precious chests missing. Back on the deck, lots of dead bodies were strewn around, murdered. He raced to the railings and through the smoke, he saw the Captain and the girl in another boat making their escape with his chests. He hurried back and got some gunpowder sticks. He lit them and hurled at their boat. Without seconds, the gunpowder sticks blew up and the Captain’s boat went down like a rock. Pascal Costa wept hard. He had betrayed his family and God punished him for it. He looked around desperately calling out for Rosalin, his wife… Marie and Teresa as if some demons had possessed him. He was all alone. They were all at home. They would never know that he had died a horrible death. And as the ship started sinking slowly, he looked up heavenwards and called out aloud, ‘Father forgive me for I have sinned.’

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