The Last Supper

By John Simon Nagarkar All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Drama

Chapter 34

* * *

The chariot stopped outside the gates of the palace and Rosalin exited. She looked hard at Fr. Kane who was driving it. She then turned around and walked inside the gate. From his room window, Antonio saw her enter the palace ground. Across the courtyard, he also saw two masked figures make their way secretly inside. Antonio quickly and silently moved through the aisle and down the staircase. Just as Rosalin came around the corner, he clamped a hand on her mouth and pulls her in the dark. ‘Shhh.’ She looked at him frightfully. Antonio pointed out slowly to the two figures as they made their way across secretly inside the palace. A guard was caught unaware as they kill him. They neared Antonio. Suddenly Antonio shot his leg out tripping one of them. A fight incurred and Antonio killed the two intruders as more guards came running around. Antonio pulled off their masks. One of them was Rosalin’s Uncle Alberto. Rosalin was shocked. Kishen ran up. He quickly summoned orders to the guard to scan the ground for more intruders. He then looked hard at the dead bodies. Rosalin still found it hard to believe that it was her uncle. ‘Oh my God.’

‘You know this man?’ Antonio asked her.

‘Yes. He’s Tio Pedro. He was there for our wedding reception. Oh God, why did you have to kill him?’

‘Because he was out to kill one of us, remember?’ Antonio told her sarcastically.

‘You could be wrong.’

‘Well for one thing, he was not out for a stroll at this god-forsaken hour for sure.’

Rosalin looked at him in anger and then ran up the stairs. Hearing the commotion, other family members had started coming out.

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