The Last Supper

By John Simon Nagarkar All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Drama

Chapter 27

* * *

In his private study, the Viceroy paced as the floor as Fr. Kane and Marcos watched him silently, their faces grim. ‘This is terrible. These pagans have so many blind beliefs. A young woman being sent to her death so mercilessly. Marcos, I want everyone involved in this act arrested. I want their properties confiscated and attached to the Church. I won’t tolerate this kind of acts over here.’

‘Yes your highness.’

That very day, Marcos arrived at the village with the soldiers and started pulling all the pagans out of their houses and had them arrested. Chaos spread. Soon all of the pagans were lined up in a queue.

One of the soldiers came forward to face them. ‘On the order of his highness, Viceroy Fonseca, it is proclaimed herewith that all the property of those arrested today is hereby attached to the Church.’

The women and kids watch helplessly as the pagans along with their belongings were carted away. They pleaded and cried but to no avail as the soldiers mercilessly kicked and pushed them away.

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