The Last Supper

By John Simon Nagarkar All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Drama

Chapter 26

* * *

On the high sea the high tides were in full flow preventing Antonio and his troops from attacking the pirate ship, a huge galleon with a big beautifully carved figure of a dragon at its bow. It’s huge black sail loomed high above. Antonio was aware that attacking the pirate ship during daytime would not have been feasible since they would be visible to the enemy and easily become a hot target for them. Through the spyglass, he had seen that the ship was heavily armed with cannons. He had to wait for complete darkness. He had ordered his men to stay put.

Now as the night took over, it brought in low tide and the Portuguese naval fleet stealthily circled the enemy ship. Antonio aimed his cannon and fired the first round. It hit the ship and a fire blazed out. Chaos spread on the ship. Through the spyglass, he could make out the pirates running helter-skelter and gearing for attack in the dark. On cue, the other Portuguese ships surround the pirate ship from the other side and attacked it. Antonio ordered his men to lower a smaller boat. He then jumped in it. Five of his able men followed him. They rowed towards the pirate ship as his men continued firing at it from the opposite side and thus engaging the pirates in a fight. All the pirates’ attention were distracted on the other side. Antonio and his men reached the ship. There was a huge gaping hole in the side where the cannon had hit. He and his men quickly boarded the ship. The pirates were quick to sense them. They charged at him and his men. He took out his sword. A fierce battle took place but within a short span, all the pirates were killed. Antonio’s men raised a might roar of victory.

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