The Last Supper

By John Simon Nagarkar All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Drama

Chapter 24

* * *

At the palace, Marcos walked to the balcony with a glass of wine. He looked over and saw Rosalin in the garden. He watched her silently. Across the room, Teresa saw him intently watching someone in the garden. She walked to another window and peeped outside and saw Rosalin in the garden. She turned back to find Marcos walking out of the room.

Out in the garden, Rosalin was humming to herself, her eyes closed. She sensed someone and opened her eyes to find Marcos standing next to her and watching her. ‘You look prettier that all the flowers in this garden.’

‘Tell me something new Marcos.’

‘I can sense you are lonely. It’s a pity Antonio had to leave you alone.’

‘Duty comes first and who says I am lonely. I have so many people around me.’

‘Yes and if you want I’ll come more closer to you, much closer then you ever dreamt of.’

‘Did anyone ever tell you that you are a pig?’

Marcos smiled at her lecherously and walked closer towards her. He leaned across, his face now inches away from hers. He sniffed her body odor.

‘And you smell absolutely divine. I could bask my entire life in your heavenly smell.’

His son’s voice filtered across. ‘Pai.’

Marcos moved away and turned around to see his son and Isabella walk up. His eyes went up to his room window. He saw Teresa looking down at him. Putting up a smile, he turned back to Rosalin. ‘We’ll continue our little conversation some other time. Bye.’

‘Anytime. Bye.’ She looked at the approaching Isabella. Isabella gave her a smile. ‘Hi. It’s lovely weather isn’t it?’

‘Sure is. ’ She watched Manuel say something to Marcos and the two then walked away. Rosalin and Isabella too started to walk towards the palace.

‘You love Antonio don’t you?’

Isabella stopped in her track. She averted her eyes. ‘Does it matter now?’

There was a long pause. ‘That’s a nice pair of earrings you have Isabella.’

They continued to walk in silence.

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