The Last Supper

By John Simon Nagarkar All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Drama

Chapter 14

Rosalin’s family members were seated around the table enjoying lunch. Pascal Costa was beaming with joy. It was just that morning that he had arrived back from Bombaim and as he took in the news about Antonio’s proposal, profound riches flashed across in his mind. He looked happily at Rosalin. ‘Daughter, you have made me proud. ’

‘You don’t understand Pascal. This match is no good. We don’t want their riches and power. I have already told Pedro that Rosa will marry him.’ Rosalin’s mother intervened.

‘Aha. Pedro? That idiot doesn’t know how to take care of his own self. How is he going to look after my beautiful daughter? Rosa, I have no problem with your marriage to Antonio. Let me talk to Viceroy Fonseca. Rosa’s mother, do you realise the power we will have once Rosa marries Antonio. Daughter, you are great, absolutely great. You sure picked the right man for your future husband.’

Pascal Costa started to laugh. Rosalin’s mother gave a short grunt, a sneer on her face. Rosalin looked at her and finding it funny, started to laugh. Her cousins too joined in and soon the house reverberated with their laughter.

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