Love You Always

By Cynthia Sun All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Mystery


After losing the love of her life, she remained friends with him. Every day away from him was another dagger that stabbed her heart, but not once did she contain affection for another. She thought nothing could get worse, but she was wrong. Now she must hide her identity in order to ensure the people she loves wouldn't get in harm's way, and even worse, dead. But with her emotions overpowering her mind and her unrequited love so near how can she resist? It's only a matter of time before they find her, and only a matter of time before she breaks....

Prologue: Alone in the World


November 10, 2016

Her lips quivered, whimpering like an abandoned puppy. Her heart shattered into millions of shards, frozen yet ablaze by her unrequited love. She couldn’t stop her yearning. She craved for his voice, his smile, his laughter, but “she” took it all away. Her eyes burned with the tears inhabiting her eyes, the mind overtaking her control, reining it from hellish hatred, to madness deep inside. The questions ravaging her mind. Why did he leave me? Was I not good enough? Why can’t I forget him? Unsatisfied, the questions would find salvation with the emotions contained within Pandora ’s Box. The answers scattered like fog but quickly condensed into a cloud of one which she could see with high clarity. It was because she wasn’t there for him. Her family stonily denied her feelings for him and made their long-distance relationship even harder. She lived in Alberta, while he resided in Flint. Her parents restricted her access to him, killing her slowly, depriving her of the outside. She knew of his insecurities and loneliness but foolishly believed that as long as they hoped for a future, that would be enough. It mattered not anymore though, he left her for another. His significant other wishes not of her presence within their life.Especially his. She laid silently, weeping uncaught tears while tasting metallic blood trickling down her bleeding lips. She wanted nothing more than to disappear forever, wanted to escape the life that took all she held dear. She devised millions of ways to set her soul free, to wander the ethereal planes, but she strives to live. She struggled day and night in taking the painless route in escaping earth’s hell, her strong continued to retract the urges. She slowly drifted into a dreamless sleep, she needed to rest- she needed to escape reality. It was the first time she ever truly felt lonely and heartbroken.

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