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Chrissy is a bright and talented soon to be sixteen year old girl that loves spending time with her family and friends. On the outside she is lively and fun, but on the inside she is very unsettled because she lacks confidence due to an eating disorder which has her view of herself in doubt. The love from Bobby whom she has known for quite awhile will help her overcome her problems.


It is exactly one week until summer recess. The last day of school is a welcoming thought. Sometimes it appears that it will never arrive. Not all the time, just when I’m attending Mr. Farmhand’s class. Boy does his name fit. His wardrobe looks like it came straight from The Farmers Home Shopping Network. Lots of browns and plaids. And those shoes. Please do not get me started on those shoes. You know us girls are extremely critical when it comes to shoes. Lets just say, bare feet would have been an improvement. Mr. Farmhand’s long drawn out lectures seem endless. Those are the moments when I desperately desire a break from the class room. One day after the final bell tolls on the school year, is my sixteenth birthday. I am very excited about the future. My parents have previously informed me that a themed celebration shall be granted. I have always wanted a themed birthday party. I have had several birthday parties, but never a themed party. A themed party is unlike your typical birthday party. It consists of costumes and theater. Hired actors and actresses portraying scenes from my favorite movie or television production or my favorite music video. Whatever I choose shall be brought to life for me and my friends. We shall be dressed like the most popular characters from the chosen theme. I can’t wait. The anticipation is almost overwhelming. As I begin to drift, the bell rings. Shortly after that the school hallways are filled with students. It’s three o clock Friday afternoon and banging lockers echo through-out the building. The sound of teenagers looking forward to the weekend can be heard clearly. Walking out the front door I am met by my two best friends. They are both female like me. One of them is already sixteen years old. The other one is seventeen years old. They are sisters. The seventeen year old has a car. A beautiful candy red drop top convertible BMW. The car was a present from her parents for her seventeenth birthday. All three of us enter the vehicle. Seconds later the bright colored automobile exits the school property. While traveling at a decent speed, my sixteen year old friend who is sitting in the back seat asks me “Are you going to invite Bobby to your birthday party”? Immediately my face turned the same complexion as the lovely car that we are currently riding in. “Yes I am” I replied. Then we all screamed and giggled like the school girls that we are. I have known Bobby since we were in the third grade and I have always had a crush on him. He is super cute. His smile just lights up the room. Every time he walks by me my hands start to sweat and I get a funny feeling in my belly. Bobby is very active in school activities. He plays sports and he is on the Student Counsel. He is the President of the Student Counsel. I am the Vice President of the Student Counsel. From the time I hit high school I have envisioned Bobby and I entering into a relationship. My two best friends were aware that I liked him but they had no clue how deep my feelings truly ran for him. Sitting at the traffic light in this magnificently crafted vehicle, I notice a group of boys crossing the street directly in front of us. I recognized the faces because they attend the same school I do. As they were walking one of them halted and spoke, “ Hey Jenny, great car”. Jenny is my seventeen year old friend. Her sister’s name is Mandy. Jenny smiles and says “Thank you very much Kevin”. Kevin was the young man who was admiring the beautiful car. The first time I saw Jenny’s car I felt just like Kevin did at that moment. Illuminating red paint. Twenty inch chrome wheels. Plush white leather interior and a sound system that you could hear from a great distance away. I loved it. Jenny is my friend so I was happy for her but I must admit I was a tiny bit green with envy. Jenny named her gorgeous ride Danika. As in Danika Patrick. Jenny joked that one day she was going to challenge the popular female race car driver to a race. She would say that her red BMW was the fastest car in the city. I don’t know about that, but I do know in my eyes it sure was the prettiest. Soon my birthday would be here and I am hoping my present is a car like Jenny’s. I have even been dropping subtle hints on my parents. You know, a mention here a mention there. My big sister taught me how to drive during spring break before she went back to college. I already have my driving learner’s permit and my parents said once I turned sixteen years old I could get my driver’s license. Perfect. Hopefully along with my license I will get a new car. What a birthday to remember. Fingers crossed. Kevin and his friends have completely cleared our path only seconds before the light turns green. Jenny’s car seems to have that affect on boys. It doesn’t hurt that she is beautiful as well. So is Mandy. My birthday illusions are interrupted by the sound of squealing tires and the smell of burning rubber. Jenny likes to spin those Pirelli tires. She is a very good driver so she knows how to make a lot of noise and cause a lot of smoke to rise from the pavement. The placement of her hands on the steering wheel indicates she has full control of the situation. Also she knows the boys are watching. You know us girls always have to leave a lasting impression. Off we go.

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