The Mad Stalker Fan Girl

By Michaela Matthews All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Fantasy

Part 1

The Mad Stalker Fan Girl Part One.

“Oh my god...we’re here! Look at the sign!” Joanne looked as if she would burst with excitement.

“It’s just a street sign.” answered her friend Helena, somewhat bemused by her friends behaviour.

Joanne looked at her in disbelief. “It’s not just a street sign!” she exclaimed, “It’s Paul’s street sign.”


Joanne raised her eyebrows, looking at her friend questioningly. “You’ve known me for 22 years Helena. We shared a house for 4 years at university and you have to ask me who Paul is?”

Helena stared at her for a moment then her expression changed as it dawned on her. “Not Paul McCartney? You’re 44 years old! You don’t still rave on him surely?”

Joanne grinned and nodded. “He’s my 31 year secret crush!!”

Helena shook her head then turned to look at the street sign once more. She looked back at her friend. “Wanting to have your photograph taken on the crossing at Abbey Road I understand, but Cavendish Avenue? I don’t get it. What’s Cavendish Avenue got to do with Paul McCartney?”

Joanne’s grin suddenly got bigger. “He has a house on this street! I want to go and see it! You never know, he might even be there today!”

“So you’ve come all the way to London to visit me for the first time in years and of all the sights in London, this is why you wanted to come to St Johns Wood?”

Joanne looked sheepish. “You don’t mind do you?” she asked apologetically, “We’ll only be here to take a few photos then we’ll go somewhere nice for lunch. My treat. OK?”

Helena humoured her friend. Joanne posed for photos and even peeked through a tiny gap in the gates in front of the house. She was disappointed though as there was no car in the drive to suggest Paul could be home. Finally, after Helena’s patience had been exhausted, Joanne took one more wistful look at the house then they both headed to the nearest pub for lunch.

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