The Hybrid Mate

By yamilethl All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Action


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Everything has been like what I didn’t imagine. My father actually started being like an older brother to my uncle as in the other hand, my uncle has been messing around with him and getting on his nerves.

“Aiden!” I hear my father call out as I stood up from my book. I placed my book beside my desk as I started getting up. I hear my mate groan as he felt the bed get lighter. It is currently eight o’clock but my mate wanted to sleep all afternoon.

I placed my favorite red fluffy pillow under his arm as I stood up quietly. I made my way to the door while looking back at my sleeping mate. II smiled as he hugged the pillow tightly. I sighed as I closed the door behind me.

I made my way to my father’s current room and found my uncle sitting beside my mother. I raised an eyebrow as my mother laughed.

My father growled lowly as my uncle grabbed my mother’s hand and giving it a peck.

“Aiden, you do know that I’m ten years older than you right?” my mother questioned my uncle grinned.

“That doesn’t mean that I don’t go for older women” he replied with a smirk. My father looked like he was about to explode as I hugged his torso.

I looked up to him with my hazel eyes as his eyes soften. He turned back to the pair in front of us. My mother gave him a stern look as my uncle kept laughing his butt off.

I glared at him as he held his hands in surrender. “Flower, tell your dad, to chill” he continued as I stalked closer to his figure. I grabbed hold of his shoulder as I lift him up.

Lately, I’ve been having extra strength and my hunger has controlled a bit as my wolf started to gain control of my body once more. I sighed in relief.

“But mom…” he complained as my eyes widen. Oh no, I do not look like his mother. My grandmother is a scary woman but is a sweetheart with my siblings and I. She’s as strict as my father. It’s just creepy…

When my uncle was farther away from my mom, my dad took the opportunity and ran towards my mother. I watch his eyes glow as my mother ran her had through his hair. I rolled my eyes as I took hold of Aiden and left the room.

We passed through the room that my mate and I were staying and heard snores. I chuckled as I quickly pulled Aiden away from this area. I took him to the garden while I made my way to the bench that was in the green house. There is a greenhouse connected to the palace – which I go through every day – and relaxed.

Jasper owns these beautiful black roses that I fell in love with since day one. I got hold of petal as it fell apart. I felt the connection with the peddle weakened as it fell in the floor.

I felt my eyes narrow as I spotted a bright white rose.

“Flower, what an irony. You being around other flowers.” He started laughing as I rolled my eyes. I ignored him as I made my way to the white rose. It looks so familiar.

I touched the peddle as energy flowed through my finger tip towards my hand. I gasped as I found myself get in a deep thought.

Where have I felt like this before?

“Mom, can I go to uncle James house?” I signaled to my mother as she nodded.

“Yeah, take your brothers with you.” She replied as I sighed. I started making my way through the house and found Darius watching family guy. I smirked to myself as I unplugged the cable of the TV.

He turned to me and growled lowly as I raised an eyebrow. He rolled his eyes as he moaned in dislike. “What do you want sis?”

I pulled in his shoulder as he pulled his gym shorts up. Thank the goddess.

We took off in his truck while I turned on some tunes.

“Hi little one!” I hear my uncle yell across the land as my brother and I arrived to his pack house. I got off the car while slamming the door behind me. I hear my brother whine and glare behind me. I shook my head as I hugged my uncle.

“Hi Uncle James!” I signaled as my brother came and gave him a weird hand shake.

“Hey dude! Getting taller I see” James replied with a wink. My brother laughed along and went inside. Most likely to talk too Brandon.

I walked inside as well, a minute later as I waved bye to my uncle. I went straight to the lovely white roses and found a new one growing. I loved to come and watch the roses grow big and bloom.

“Why don’t you ever take one?” I hear my uncle question as I shook my head.

“Here” he continued as I watch him bring a plot with a white rose. The pot was decorated with a red bow. My favorite!

I touched the rose as a warm feeling went through my finger tips and through my hand. I smiled to myself as my uncle seemed to be in a deep thought with a smirk plastered in his face.

I felt myself get shaken as I turned to Aiden. He seemed worried while I, in the other hand, starred at him in confusion. He placed his pointer finger towards his mouth as I nodded slowly.

I was extremely confused on the situation right now. Suddenly, I heard a window break as glass came in contact with my skin. I could smell my blood come out as a familiar pair of eyes came in contact with my hazel ones.

My uncle placed me in his back as he ran through the forest. Werewolves are as fast as vampires when they shift. I hold on tither to my uncle’s neck as he started muttering a few cuss words.

My wolf started growling as I tried to get in contact with Jasper.

“Flower, I can smell him right in front of me. I need you to-” he was cut off when a wolf pushed him while causing me to fall off his back. I tried to get closer to him as the wolf started growling at me with its sharp fang.

I let out a low growl as my uncle tried to get up. Next thing you know, there was many other wolves surrounding us as I started getting nervous. The alpha went behind a tree and shifted.

“Go.” I mind linked him.

He looked at me like if I was crazy. I glared at him as I roared at him through the mind link.

“Hell no!” He roared back as his fangs started to come to view. I didn’t want to do this but I had no choice. “GO!” I commanded while using my secret power.

He sunk his fangs in a werewolf’s neck as the wolf kneeled down in the ground in pain. He’s going to die soon.

I watch him run towards the direction where we came from.

I hissed in pain as someone stabbed me in the stomach. The alpha came back as my mind became blank. I could feel my blood turn cold as I starred at him.

This time it wasn’t in fear but with amusement.

“Miss me?” he questioned as I smirked.

“Not at all, Tyler.”

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