Night and Ninja

By Aneli Defanif All Rights Reserved ©

Poetry / Adventure


Gather round and listen to the tale of a samurai and ninja...

Chapter 1

Long, long ago in old Japan

There was a wise and gracious man

He practiced daily with the sword,

And could hold his own against a horde.

He was a Samurai, and a skilled one too

In stressful situations, he knew what to do

In battles raging fifty feet in the air,

He could concentrate in all his fear.

However, the one thing he always feared

Was a Ninja either far or near

Those sneaky spies with limitless tricks

Would always a prominent target pick.

He knew Ninja slinked all around

Some as daimyos with their gold in pounds

Some as simple farmer folk

Men who were slaves or finance-broke.

Ninja were a fearful problem

He wished some man could stop them

He cried to all the gods

To stop those Ninja, those vile dogs.

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