Diary entry: She's Done

By Victorian All Rights Reserved ©

Poetry / Other


This is just a free form poem type of thing. Its really just a paragraph of emotions. That's all.

Chapter 1

She was so willing to do anything. So vibrant and happy. She was extra in the best way, because she was extraordinary. Then something happened. Some negative event and now she’s just not the same. Im aware of how ambiguous that it, but I’m unable to clarify or be more specific. She’s closed off now, and unwilling for anyone to know her ailment. I am not suggesting that I get to know something you do not. I know she’s isolated herself and her scars because I have yet to see them in all of their beauty. I have yet to know her wounds and holes in her heart and spirit. I don’t know what’s behind the “I’m fine”. I don’t know what she needs or how she feels when she doesn’t speak. I had a friend and now I have a hole. An emotional hole she used to fill with the joyous spirit about her. Naturally I have tried desperately to get to know her again. This new girl pushes me away. I am rejected. She is now distant and tired. Exhausted from denying me and my efforts. She’s done. She’s done being bright. She’s done with me. She’s done faking a smile. She’s done with the world. Goodbye day, hello night.

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