A Romantic, Sweet Christmas Of Miracles

By Laraine Smith All Rights Reserved ©

Poetry / Fantasy


What "miracles" will make the Christmas season "romantic" and "sweet?"

Chapter 1

It’s so romantic.

I can see cute nutcrackers,

Gingerbread houses.

It’s so romantic.

I can see sugar cookies,

And cups of cocoa.

Voices of angels,

They are as soft as feathers,

A sweet miracle.

Voices of angels,

They melt the cold inside me.

Now, I can relax.

The stars of silver,

They fall to Earth like snowflakes,

A sweet miracle.

Full moons made of gold,

They are shining in night skies,

A sweet miracle.

Candles are beaming.

The world knows that He is here.

There are golden stars.

The stars are snowflakes,

And the star peeks from the sky,

Two sweet miracles.

On Christmas Eve Night,

People send stars to the sky.

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