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Petrichor is an amazing collection of over 50 unique short stories, articles and writings from the mind of Brian Charles Alexander. These tales range in genres from horror, to romance, to comedy, to thrillers, adventure, fantasy, science-fiction, mystery and many, many more. Five parts. Fifty stories. Endless possibilities. Are you ready?

The Shadow In the Distance

It all has to begin somewhere. So, that place will be here.

Then I woke up, stone in hand. It began upon a rowboat. I threw a chunk of rock aside that had been laying in the boat,

weighing it down. I drifted forward before coming upon a cluster of rocks that stood just over the surface of the ocean. The boat

was wrecked beyond compare, and I struggled to figure out how it was even afloat. This strange hunk of wood I found myself

upon drifted through a cavern, beneath a sky of rain. Rocks to my sides sat calmly against the sea in the distance, which swept and

slashed at the air in the midst of a vicious storm. The rowboat I clung to was still, and seemed to be fastened to a large rock, all

while the smashing water tore at the rope which attaching me to the chunk of land; a jagged rock that had caught the rope on a

loop and held me close. I climbed over and took hold of a chunk of rock on the rocky cluster. I forced myself up from the rocking

hunk of wood and took big steps onto the landmass, attempting not to trip over into the water. I fell forward onto hard warped

rocks, shredded by centuries of water-wear and misshapen waves. The rope tore and the boat fell back into the sea, being

taken away by the cyclones that whipped and slashed in the distance. I struggled to climb atop the rocky island and cancel out

the bitter cold that tore at my uncovered ankles. My revealed hands felt the same fate. I couldn’t remember how I’d ended up in

the boat or how I’d become stranded upon this melancholy chunk of ocean. I looked in all directions, yet all I could spot was black

seas and grey skies. The world around appeared in a state of chaos. My yellow raincoat, plastic and soaked, did nothing to

keep the water from seeping into my heavy cotton clothing. My boots were filled with water from when the rickety sea had

flooded my vessel. The wind was uncanny, slashing away at my

face and burning my nose with a chill. Waves would come for a

moment, trying to pull me from the rock I clung to. I’d take up water and the cold brush of death as the sea below would pull me

close; Or at the very least, try to. No matter how much the sea pulled, I gripped the jagged rocks of the island even harder.

I was not going to die there, away at the bottom of the sea. The winds grew harsher, emanating noises and sounds of

such vastly horrific tones. The wind almost sounded like voices slowed and reversed, coming from the blackness of the sea

around me. I called out for god as the wind filled my mouth, making me choke. I coughed as the air was unbreathable, but just

in small spurts. The sea bubbled and the waves died down. I saw a flickering of light in the distance and saw, on the horizon, the

silhouette of a great black ship. From beside it arose this... shape. It was tentacled and headed way up into the clouds, like a snake

covered in tongues, passing past the point where the rain was conceived. From the rock I looked out on the calm sea, calling

out to the ship and the strange shape beside it. In a moment the blob of tentacles and unearthly movements came down upon the

ship, snapping it in two! I heard cries off in the distance, like warped screams of sailors, consumed by that shape that came

from the water’s depths. The shape settled down as the ship’s two bits sunk slowly into the ocean; and then it was gone, like some

faded memory, both images passed back into the sea as the cloudy skies ceased raining.

I saw the shape in the ocean once more; that tentacled snake starting off in my direction. I saw the blackness of the sea

emanate this glowing-mass that stretched out for me across the water’s surface. It rushed, closer and closer, and I scattered across

the rock, looking to take cover from the approaching mass. I ducked, expecting the dark thing to rise from the sea before me. I

believed that I was to look upon the horror of the ocean; and those things which dwelled so far out, beyond the areas of the sea

where any man would venture. I peeked up from over the top of

the rocky island’s peak, looking down at the waters and the miles

of ocean around me. There I saw eyes, giant and glowing, focused on me from beneath the sea, and as I stared my eyes grew

red, burning like eggs in a hot pan. I screamed as the beast widened its gaze and began to rise from the water to meet me. I

reached for my face and fell backward into the sea. From the sides, I could make out its black tentacles reaching around the

rocky island to catch me, and at the very moment, my body hit the water.

My head went in first, followed by my body as I felt the tongues beneath me stick to the plastic of my yellow coat. As I

felt myself going backward, my arms shot out to grab the stony island again. The shape was upon me and I was completely

vulnerable. I gripped a small chunk of rock and it broke off with my weight pulling it back. From the rock, my arm slipped, taking

a chunk of the stone with me into the sea. Even after falling in, I felt the stone in my hand. Even if I was to be cast into the sea, as

long as I held the stone I’d have a feeling of security, of land, in this ocean of blackened horror. I went under. I shut my eyes tight,

expecting the teeth of the shape in the ocean to tear me apart upon impact; and with the rush of cold that filled my entire being,

darkness enveloped me. Suddenly warmth rushed over my head, then upon my body. And I held that piece of stone tight, begging

for all of this to be a dream. Then I woke up, stone in hand.

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