The silent Soul

By Moses M-fresh Roesler All Rights Reserved ©

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Chapter 1

Who I am? Heh Heh I wish I can tell you but I’m trying to figure that out myself. Many people said God is good and many people said he’s not but for me I’m understated. I was born august 19, 1994 West Africa. My name is Moses and many of you are wondering why I have such name as Moses but if I tell you wouldn’t believe me. But the only thing I can tell you is my story is just as the bible Moses story the only different is I’m not a prince or king. I have 10 brothers, 10 sisters, 2 mothers and 2 dads. Do you guys got the story now or I should keep going on with it? Well It all started when I was four I did not know that much, but I remember my dad taking us to his little brother house because our mother pass away from sickness and dad wasn’t able to take care us or prove foods for 10 kids. That day was the last day I saw my whole family together because my big brothers and sisters them took their own way. Dad just took me and my sister whole was 4 years older than me. We then began our journey to a new mom and dad. On our way to our new family, dad started weeping I looked at my sister as she ask my dad why he is crying for. He then look at me and my sister telling us to forgive him and make sure we remember him as we grow up. When we got to dad’s brother house he then told his little brother to love us and take care of us like we are his own kids. That day was the last day I ever saw my dad. That night my sister began cry because our mother was gone and then dad was given up on his family leaving us to his brother house that we didn’t know anything about. 3jAlso my sister was worried because in most African house if you are not their kids then you can just consider yourself as a slave. Because most African parent slave kids that aren’t theirs also you are never right in their house because they will pick their kids over you anytime. That was the reason why my sister were so angry at my dad for leaving us. It was about noon when my dad brother kids them came from school. Kids come over here said my dad’s brother I would let to introduce you guy to your new brother and sister. His kids started to fun to him like a lion trying to catch its prey. Kids his voice echo around the house as he speak this is your brother Moses and this is your sister Connie they are my oldest brother kids and now they are your brother and sister. He then introduce my sister and I to his ten kids them and his wife, he also told us to call him dad and his wife mom. From that day we all became one family and I started to forget my real mom and dad so I start calling my new parent mom and dad. Dad then put me and my sister in school and his wife and he treat all of us equal. My sister and I love them so much. One day dad decided to go look for job because the house was full with kids and the food was shrinking so he left us with mom, her job was to watch us so we can’t get in to trouble. It was about 45 minutes after 10 that night when dad come home with a big smile on his face telling mom that he got a job working for one of the greatest government and his job was to drive them around to meeting or to their house. by the way dad acted you can tell that he really love his job because he wasn’t just driving government around he was also sign to look after famous people that come to Africa and one of the famous person he told us he met was Jenna Jackson away from us because rebels were looking for him to kill him. This was because he would not join them in order to not be treasonous to the country of Liberia. The next day I was startled by the clamor against the door. My mom was taking precautions so that we would not get killed and told my brother, sister and I to go conceal ourselves. While we were hiding, I saw a group of boys with guns invading our house inquiring about my dad. However, she was not going to tell them where he went so she had to lie to them that she did not know where he was. That made them really mad, so they grabbed her and told her if they came back the next day and they did not see him here, they were going to kill her and anyone else that lived in the house. When they abruptly left the house, my mom started to sob because they were going to kill her and her kids and she could not do anything about it. That day we all sat there and watched our mom who was preoccupied about us. I knew that she was thinking about what she was going to do and who she was going to give us to.

It was late and we were all in bed with our mom. Then we heard more sounds at the door, which made us cry. My mom did not want to open it until my dad called out and said it was him. We all quickly ran to the door to open it. My dad came in. He told us that he came to get us and we had to get our stuff swiftly because he was taking us to the place he was hiding. As we were packing, my mom told my dad about the boys who came here looking for him. The only thing that I saw on my dad’s face was happiness as he told my mom that he was very happy that they did not kill us on the spot. He told her that was why he came here for us, because he knew something like that was going to happen.

After they were done talking, my dad asked us if we were ready to leave. We all told him yes we were ready to go. He did not disclose where we were going, but I did not care as long I was with my family. That was the only thing that mattered to me.

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