How Was It You?

By Valen A.L. All Rights Reserved ©



Cameron Sanders is the typical high school jerk, but he quickly falls off his throne after his mother dies in a car crash, making him have to live with his abusive father, and he loses a fight, causing his friends turn on him. The only people he has around is this guy who doesn't like him, but pities him enough to stick around, and some person in a closet. For a while, he learns to be okay with that, until that crumbles too, leaving him, his buddy Tyler, and the girl he used to bully, Rae, left out on the streets, trying not to be killed.

Chapter One: Tragedy Strikes


I pulled myself out of bed, for some reason I felt extremely anxious for the day to start, which was pretty unusual. The only other time I felt anxious was when I got into a fight with someone, and as far as I was concerned, I was on good terms with everyone.

I tossed on my best outfit, and combed my hair. I checked myself out in the mirror, making sure I look presentable to my peers, until my mom called me downstairs for breakfast, "Good morning." She smiled, handing me a plate of food.

"Thanks, mom." I kissed her on the cheek, and took a seat at the table. Despite my troublesome tendencies, I loved my mom with all my heart. During my middle school years, she protected me from my dad who was, to put it simply, abusive. I still have a couple scars from the things he did, which I hated to see.

"You should probably start walking, I don't want another call from the school telling me you were tardy, you hear me?"

"Okay, love you mom."

"I love you too, Cameron." She called, before I closed the door. I took a deep breath in, but it didn't do much, since a shouting came from the house next door,

"Get your ass out of here, punk!" Tyler, some kid in a few of my classes, was shoved out of the door harshly, before it slammed behind him. I snickered slightly, and he rolled his eyes, before pulling his hood up to hide away from me.

Tyler was different. He never really talked, and it was clear that he hated everyone, and everything. Even though I picked on him quite a lot, he was intimidating, mainly because of his height, and the fact that he was hot- I mean horrifying. There is no way I'm gay.

To get my mind off of all the pressure, I walked up behind him, jumped, and pulled his hood down. He just glared down at me, and fixed his hood. I did it a few more times, when he finally snapped at me, "Knock it off!"

"Why should I?"

"Because I'll kick your ass if you don't?"

"Like your daddy just did to you?" I smirked, although I really wanted to run and hide like a child.

"Shut up." He grit his teeth,

"Make me." I regretted saying this as soon as his fist made contact with my face, and I tumbled backwards, smacking my head on the sidewalk, "Ow... Shit..."

"Cameron, are you okay?" My best friend, Dylan, came rushing beside me,

"Yeah, I'm okay." I winced, as I pulled myself up.

"Why did he hit you?"

"I was picking on him, and he told me to shut up. I told him to make me, and bam! He knocked me in the mouth."

"I'm surprised he could do that to you. You're captain of the football team, that's impressive."

"He had more muscle than me. If he wanted to, he could come in and steal my spot."

"Really? How do you know?"

"He lives next door." I scoffed,

"Oh, that's right." Dylan nodded, "I forgot about that... School starts soon, we should probably walk faster."

"Mr. Sanders, why don't you explain to me, and the rest of the class, the reason you are late?" Ms. Chase stopped teaching, and looked at me in disapproval,

"I-I'm good, I'll just take a-"

"No, I don't think so, unless you want to go sit up in the office for the rest of class."

"Cool, a free period."

"We'll just wait on the explanation."

"I woke up late." I tried to lie to her, but Tyler scoffed, and proved me guilty,

"Nope, we left at the same time. I made it."

"Cameron, take a seat, we'll talk after class." I did as she said, "Alright, like I was saying, everyone will be put in groups of three, and assigned a Greek god... Cameron, Tyler, and Rae, you have Poseidon."

"Ugh, do I have to work with them?" I groaned.

"Yes, yes you do." Ms. Chase smirked, "But I'll make you a deal, my fiance knows a lot about Poseidon, I'll ask him to come in, and teach you some extra things, and if you do a good job, you'll get an A in the entire class."

None of us were really interested in the deal, but I guess the three of us were all desperate for an A.

"Cameron Sanders, please make your way to the guidance office, Cameron Sanders, I repeat, please make your way to the guidance office." The intercom interrupted. With a sigh, I grabbed my stuff, well aware that I would most likely be sent home.

"Mr. Vazquez, why am I here exactly?" I stepped into his office, and closed the door,

"The police called the school," Mr. Vazquez rested his head in his hands, taking a deep breath,

"Why? Did I do something?"

"No, you're good... But your mom, she... She got in a car accident, and her car tumbled off the ledge, and into the nearby river."

"Haha, very funny." I scoffed, "Why am I actually here?"

"Cameron, I'm sorry, but I'm not joking."

"W-Wait... So you're telling me that my mom is... dead?" I muttered, "She can't be dead... Where will I go?"

"Yes." He nodded, "Your dad has been contacted, and he'll be moving into your house, so you don't have to worry about that par-"

"Yes I do! I can't live with my dad! He's... He's... H-"

"He's what?" Mr. Vazquez leaned in,

"He's a monster!"

"And why's that?"

"Please, you have to get me away from him!"

"I can't really do anything until you can give me a valid reason why you can't live with him."

"He's- I can't, fuck."

"You can't have sex?"

"I'm outta here," I pulled myself out of the chair, and shoved it forward, before it tipped over, "Oops." I shrugged, and slammed the door.

"Cameron Sanders." He opened the door, "Get back to class, and don't pull that crap again, you hear me?"

"Sorry, my bad." I lied, "I'll never do it again."

"Good." Mr. Vazquez closed his door again. I started heading back to class, but quickly diverted from the route. Why should I go back to class when my mom just died, and I have to live with my dad?

I initially didn't have any clue of where to go, but when I saw the library, I realized it was the perfect place. Sure, the librarian hated me, but it would be quiet, and close to empty.

As I was pretending to scan for a book, my vision started to blur, and my eyes started to water. It wasn't okay, my mom never should have died, my dad should've gone instead, but now I'm stuck with his pathetic ass.

My body trembled as I recollected everything he had done. The broken furniture, the broken bones, the broken hearts... The bruises, the marks... All of it haunted me in my sleep, and now it was becoming my reality once again.

I grabbed a book, and collapsed against the door between bookshelves. It wasn't fair. I'm just a teenager... I shouldn't have to deal with all this bullshit!

"Are you okay?" A monotone voice asked,

"Oh, hi, voice in my head, who I'll name Jimmy, I'm doing wonderful today! How are you doing?" I laughed,

"Firstly, I am not a voice in your head. Secondly, my name is certainly not Jimmy. And lastly. you clearly aren't doing wonderful, you are crying."

"Oh.. Then what is your name?"

"My name doesn't matter. What's wrong?"

"My mom just died... and I have to live with my dad, who's abusive, and I'm just stressed out."

"Oh, I'm sorry. I don't have the best advice for this, but try staying away from home as long as possible, if that won't get you into trouble. You could possibly hide out in your room as long as possible."

"I'll try, thanks for the advice."

"Yeah, well, any time you need some, I'll be here."

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