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Hello ! Okay.. So this book is where I write letters from a particular person whose thoughts have been suppressed, to the world. It may vary from emotional to fun filled topics.Sometimes I do write some thought provoking articles. In short,they are those voices inside my head .I can neither speak it out nor keep it suppressed. I have included one liners too .

Chapter 1

Dear World,

A girl child is in bondage from her birth. First by her parents, then her husband and finally her own children. Not just this, she is often condemned to death even before she is born.

You need to understand one thing. I’m not just a foetus. After I step into the outer world ,will I not be your daughter? Why is it that you assume that I can never bring a smile on your face ?
I’m not just a ball of flesh and blood. I have an identity. The medicine you take in are killing me. The medicines that should give life seem to be taking away mine.

Though there is a less probability for the fact that will I step into your hell, you will still find ways to suppress me. As soon as you know that I’m a girl, you throw me into a dustbin. Like seriously?
The thing that has evolved from your sperm and egg is equivalent to garbage ?

In case, I don’t have to go through all these and my parents are pretty broad minded, we have our society to brainwash them about the perks of having a son. I’m forced to live a life of restrictions and no happiness. I’m blamed for everything and the only reason is that, I’m a girl and boys don’t commit a mistake. I’m raped, it’s my mistake again. You think I enjoyed it right ?

Even if I take all the courage to step into the courtroom, I will not get justice. If I do, it will be a decade after my death.
A girl is not inferior to boy, in any field and she have proved it in every aspect of life .
I can be a mother, wife, daughter, sister, etc.

But most importantly, I am a human just like you. My feelings hurt. My heart aches. Your words in my head and knives in my heart, kill me every second. I’m not your plaything. I’m not a toy. If you fall down, you bleed. That bleeding is pure. But the same blood , which is the sole reason for your existence, is impure. But you know what, I’ll bleed. Bleed with pride. In those 5 days, I bleed, I scream and I cry. I feel lonely. When I see you approaching me, I’m shattered. Shattered, listening to the restrictions you impose on me. A rapist and a murderer is let into the temple but I’m not. Aren’t there female Gods ? Tagged impure, I’m let with a question in my mind - “Are these the golden words written in my destiny ?”

You marry me to a stranger at an younger age because you fear my Virginity. You wait till I become a teen, so that you can throw the burden, you gave birth to.
He kills me every night, but I’m reborn the very next day. Infact I have to. I’m a pleasure box right ? 24*7 available. You can play with my body whenever you desire.

I’m neither safe before marriage nor after marriage. I walk bare foot and give my child sneakers to wear, but in the end, I have to die like an orphan on the busy road with no one giving an eff about a rag picker’s death. Sorry.. Sorry.. A girl shouldn’t swear right?

Whenever I think everything will be fine, you hit me and bring me back to reality. The bitter reality. Yet, my heart tries to find something better in that, hoping something good will happen, Atleast for a while.

So, Tell me. Shouldn’t I thank you for killing me in my mom’s womb ?
Before birth, I’m in darkness. But Atleast, I feel safe and secure.

A foetus who doesn’t want to see the outer world.



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