to the moon and back

By hanna All Rights Reserved ©

Other / Drama


Non-fiction piece

August 18, 2013

Aunty. Just a few days ago I was at your house. On your couch. Watching your television and eating a spoonful of peanut butter. Your favorite. That is when you went up the stairs to get all dolled up. I know how much you loved to fix your hair real nice; your short blonde hair flipped out to match your bubbly, contagious laughter. Just like your son, we all wanted to twirl it in our fingers. I was getting ready to leave and I told you that I loved you, but we didn’t hug and that, was a mistake. Today, I was at your house again, and I didn’t have the option to hug you anymore. I didn’t feel anything. I forced myself to cry because I didn’t think it was true, I had just saw you. It was still sunny outside, but my head was swirling with crying clouds that looked as if my eyes had been possessed by a demon. There was so much chaos outside. The neighbors probably thought we were crazy. But didn’t everyone who was outside our family? Everyone began to settle down but of course, you know who had to come. You know who, came and took your youngest girl at just sixteen. Her sister at just the age of nineteen had to step into your spot and their brother at the age of twenty, just lost you, his mama. Even though they aren’t babies, you know who just made your babies’ lives miserable.

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