The Perfect Love Does Not Exist

By LoveStorm86 All Rights Reserved ©

Other / Romance

Chapter 1

I used to be a ho.

K, I’ve admitted it. Now I feel like I’m at an AA meeting and I need to explain the dark parts of my life. This can take a while.

My name is Michele. Born and raised in New York, I was always the shy, quiet type. When they say “watch out for the quiet ones”, yea, that would be me. I am as sneaky as they come.

I was a wallflower since elementary school. Never the popular or most liked girl. I used to get teased over stupidity. I was smart but lazy, so when it came to grades I was always just average.

Yea, nothing was special about me.

I tried to run away once, as all misunderstood children do. Obviously that backfired. All I had were a few keepsakes in my bookbag - no money or food, you know, the important things. Didn’t get far, but I really wanted to get away. I want to know what would’ve happened if I didn’t turn back to go home. How my life would be different, better or worse..

So where should I start?


My life seemed normal at first: two “happily” married parents, two sisters, a home in a decent neighborhood. Things began to change slowly but I didn’t notice anything at all.

High school began without a hitch. I started to do well in my classes, had no friends, and was a loner, but it was nothing new. Then one day people started talking to me. I welcomed them as friends, but that was when things started to get out of hand.

On a beautiful spring day in May, me and Charlene were walking out of school. We saw her then boyfriend, Tarik.

“Hey you guys, where y’all headed?” he asked.

“McDonald’s,” Charlene replied, “Wanna join us?”

“Sure, nothing better to do.”

So the three of us continued on. On the corner there were a few people just hanging out. Charlene and Tarik stopped to say hi, while I lingered in the back.

“So, who’s your friend?” asked one of the kids. He looked older, maybe a sophmore or junior. He wore glasses, kind of cute too.

“This is Michele.” Charlene said, turning to me. “Michele, meet Kris, John, Davin, and Nora.”

I shyly waved at the four of them, “Hi.”

They joined us on our walk to Mickey D’s, continuing with their conversation. I kept up the rear, admiring the group. They seemed carefree and cool to be around. Kris seemed like the player type, since all he kept telling about was relationships and females. John was sort of subdued like myself. Davin and Nora were holding hands, so obviously they had to be together.

The reason why I hated groups of friends was that there is always that one person who felt left out. That’s how I felt just then.

When we finally got McDonald’s, Kris held the door for everyone while still holding a conversation.

“I need a female who could talk my ear off, I ain’t got time for quiet chicks,” said Kris, as I passed through the doorway. I knew that was aimed at me in some way since I haven’t spoken other than that first hello.


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