Composite of Short Stories

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These are short stories, one-shots if you will, that will go from romance to great death and tragedy. Every chapter could be a new story or could be a continuation of a previous one. Hope you enjoy what you read and bare with me through horribly written stories and random thoughts.

Sun and Moon

The Sun and the Moon had always loved each other, the Moon loved the way the Sun would always be joyful and be happy while the Sun loved how tranquil the Moon is and calming they can be as they got the chance to hang out with the Stars. But this love couldn’t last as in a total they were able to meet seven times a year, known as solar and lunar eclipses to humans, they had to admire one another by far. The Moon longed to be with the Sun and stay by their side, but alas it can not happen as it would be utter chaos for the solar system. It was by far the most painful love that could ever exist, so the Moon died each night. Each time the night would end the Moon would die, they would keep the calm, tranquil front when facing the sun but when alone and with the stars. They died. The Moon sobbed and wept and broke..pieces of themselves fell off with each night as they died...Becoming smaller and more crescent shape as the nights went by. The Moon let this happen so that the Sun could burn brighter and could live and breath to be another day as the Moon wished nothing more but to see her live and love. That was until one night..there was nothing left of the Moon, they had broken too much to on point that...there was nothing more, but a message that the Moon had given the Stars to deliver to the Sun. When asked by the Sun the Stars only whispered in their ear, “...I love you...”

The Sun was sad, it was alone, its love, a love it had to admire from afar, was gone. the sun continued on, it circled the Earth, but it didn’t have the same feel to it, the Sun was darker, however, the next day, he heard a whisper. He heard something call out to him but paid it no mind. The next day, it was louder, much louder than before. The Sun cried, its tears no more different than its bright rays, the voice. the voice and face, it was still clear to him. however, it called out to him again, but this time he answered. and they talked, and soon the Sun stopped crying. The next day, and every day after, the Sun would talk with the voice, as its body slowly got larger, and more each day, it resembled something he thought he had lost. The Moon smiled at the Sun as it hugged the Sun and the sun embraced the Moon again, “I love you to” the Sun said back, answering the Moons message from long ago.

“The moon only shines with the light the sun gives off. so keep shining on me, and I will always love you”

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