The Light within the Darkness

By TheWeirdestBlerb All Rights Reserved ©



Bryn has had a fairly normal life. She listens to the same music as everyone else, she hangs out with the semi-popular kids, and she has many, many friends as well. But her life takes a turn when she receives the first bundle of hate comments on Twitter, dampening her mood a lot. It only gets worse from there, too. How will she cope with all of this? Will she tell someone about it? Or will she turn to.. more destructive measures?


Gail had been fairly indecisive that morning, not knowing what to wear, what to eat, or even what toothpaste to use. She had woken up wanting to go back to sleep, brushed her teeth wishing she used the less minty toothpaste, and even took more than an hour trying to pick out what to wear. This, of course, made her extremely late for her first class. She had rushed downstairs with her toothbrush still in her mouth, and her book bag hanging from a shoulder, and out the door barefoot. She had taken her favorite boots in her free hand...

Bryn put down her pencil, slowly getting more and more frustrated at the writing prompt she was given.

"For the next twenty minutes, you must write about someone who has the exact opposite morning and afternoon routine as you do. This is only to see how different you can make your characters from you, the writer. And... begin.
Fifteen minutes had already gone by, and this was all she had written. Only ten more minutes until the class is over... only ten.. Bryn had the unique ability to be able to have and not have writer's block at the same time. Meaning, she'll know what to write, but when it comes time for her to write, she doesn't know how. As soon as her teacher had said begin, she had thought up a very detailed story about someone who had missed her bus, and the next two classes, and how that person soon had to go to detention for missing class three days in a row, which was where she was going to leave off the story. But alas, it had been fifteen minutes, and she hadn't even gotten out a paragraph. She was fed up with doing this prompt, and took out her phone, just barely out of sight. Why am I getting so many notifications..? Don't tell me.. that last tweet I sent out.. it actually was noticed?
Bryn went onto Twitter, where she had a steady following of about 367 followers. Her notifications tab had a pale blue circle with the number 90+ on it. She tapped on it, and her eyes widened as she scrolled down all 90+ of her replies, retweets, and follows. Earlier, she had tweeted out that she was going to leave Twitter for a while, because of school, and other things. She had been half expecting it, but almost all the notifications she had gotten were from haters, some even her own followers, telling her to never come back, and other harsh comments about her that were too vulgar.
Do people really hate me that much..? What did I even do..? Her eyes started to well up with tears, and she shut off her phone and put her head down on her desk.

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