Is Rumism A Threat? _ Adnan Oktar (Harun Yahya)

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Is Rumism A Threat?


Examples of Parts That are Bereft of Respect to God, Islam and the

Qur’an in the Books Allegedly Written by Mawlana Rumi 18

1. Rumi’s language bereft of respect regarding the word ‘Insha’Allah’
[if God wills] and the fact that he is depicted as God – may God forbid 18

2. Stating that drinking wine is lawful despite the fact that God has
commanded it unlawful in the Qur’an 20

3. Rumi expresses himself as neither a Muslim nor an infidel 24

4. The claim that Masnavi comes from the Presence of God and is
equivalent to the Qur’an (the Holy Qur’an is above this claim) 31

5. The claim that the knowledge given by way of a means and not
directly from God is unworthy [referring to knowledge [the Qur’an] that
came to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) by way of the Archangel Gabriel and
hence claiming it is unworthy (the Qur’an is above this claim)] 35

6. The claim that a perfect man turns infidelity to religion 39

7. The claim that the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) whose morality God
had created as magnificent and who abided by the Qur’an in the most
perfect and complete way, -may God forbid- enjoyed a life against the
Qur’an, forgot that destiny is in effect, expected worldly gains, did not
consent to the events God created and wanted to commit suicide 44

8. The fact that the person who says ‘Masnavi is a commentary of the Qur’an’
is being crossed and responded as ‘why should not Masnavi be the Qur’an?’ 51

9. The claim that ‘he can defeat destiny–may God forbid-’ in Masnavi 56

10. The deifying of Rumi –may God forbid-;
the claim that trees prostrate to Rumi 59

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