An island called nowhere

By LyNy All Rights Reserved ©

Other / Mystery


A psychopath, and a control freak fight for power, even though there is none. They can't leave, for more reason than one. Why? Where? How? Someone will get hurt. Someone will be afraid. Someone will confess.


Scars and tattoos, a ragged man was escorted from the premises. The man had many lines on his face. He had been there too long. If he wanted, he could go to rehabilitation centres. They said he could re-integrate himself into society. He liked that: that they thought there was hope. But there wasn’t, not for someone like him.

Twin boys sat on their beds binging on pizza. One’s side was messy and crowded and disorganised. The other’s was refined simplistic, empty even. On his wall hung an ornate guitar with with golden embellishments and ruby tuning pegs. His less organised brother had so much clutter surrounding his bed you could not see the walls. One was significantly larger than the other, but he was nowhere near obesity. Surprising no one noticed the more organised one’s eating habits.

1:00 pm a girl lay on her bed she had not slept at all and failed to feel at all hungry. The average observer might assume it was because she had to start work soon, but this is how she was every day. She would wait for the maid to come in at 2:00 pm and make a sarcastic comment about her not being up yet at which point she would proceed downstairs to eat some cereal and watch her mother’s beauty show.

An incredibly fake looking man started prepping for his largest concert ever. It involved several rituals such as washing, perfecting the look and making sure everything worked. Then he would do the same to the area he was performing at, and then himself. If necessary, he would get more synthetic materials injected under his skin.

A maths major at Harvard took up the treadmill next to her new training friend. She had been admiring this foreign bodybuilder from a far. The russian girl had approached the maths major because she liked that she was not the only non-american. The russian bodybuilder very much liked the english maths major and vice versa, but the student had strict parents and forbade any such behaviour.

The colonel withheld her emotions on all days. But not this day. The lieutenant colonel, a person she respected greatly, proposed. Deep in her heart of hearts she loved him too but it was not how she did things. She should have had him moved bases or done such herself. This should never have had escalated so far. She looked him in the eye, “Let me think about it.”

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