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When I say ‘I am conscious’, what I really am saying is that I have the potential to be conscious, for in third level consciousness mankind is barely conscious. Even the most intelligent individual or the most educated on earth is barely conscious, even though they might think they are.

Much of the information in this book has come to me during meditation over many years. Some would say it was channelled, others would say it comes from my higher self/God, but either way, I believe that we are constantly in contact with other worlds, regardless of our busy lives or inability to sense the communication.

I believe that the readers who find this book would be those who seek to raise their awareness above and beyond the general brainwashing. Nevertheless, whoever finds this book is on the brink of changing ideas and shifting paradigms.

Writing this book has made me whole, enabling me to release many issues, the many fears that have kept me caged within my own perceived importance of thinking that I had too much to lose to change. Once facing the fears, I came to the crossroads that reflected for me the choices of seeing a better self or hiding myself forever under a false identity created by the many issues. It was not an easy task to admit that I was not an authentic person but a self-created robot, programmed by my own false needs, desires and perceptions, spurred on by the false society that forever urged me to fit in or be rejected.

I have arrived at a stage where I feel qualified to impart my knowledge to others in the hope that they too would be released from their debilitating and disempowering issues in order to rise above the artificial world we call society.

Now that I’m older and wiser, my complete comprehension of how I allowed myself to be disempowered by my own thoughts, ideas, emotions and experiences have freed me from the cage of self-delusion. While I believed this to be my only reality at the time, and possibly, it was, I was unconsciously growing spiritually into a whole new level where nothing is feared, least of all of an age old idea perpetuated by an age old institution, driven by its need to subjugate people.

Following the masses offers some security and solace, creating a false perception that the more people believe something, the more it must be right; or, do we just try to convince ourselves by following others because we have no solid structure within ourselves?

I have this idea that when we start recreating our true selves, or rather when we put form to the template we have been given, only then can we truly own ourselves. Only then can we see the real self, acting within the false matrix called society. Only then can we choose whether we want to follow the masses or follow the call of the soul’s journey towards the light.

This is not an easy path as many have discovered, for in choosing this path, many have been branded strange, childish, and flakes but the prize is infinitely more meaningful than getting married and having children. Not that I take anything away from people who have chosen to learn their lessons this way; It is just a very slow and arduous method that I know in my deepest soul would never have captured my interest if I lived to be a million years old.

At one stage, when I was very young, I too had the desire to marry but the fortunately the phase was short-lived and when I meditated upon this subject, I was told that “it is not your purpose to marry.” While many have chosen to learn their lessons through this drama, I am too impatient and too excited to be waylaid by such a silly idea as having to enter into a contract with another human being, change my surname, my home and my entire lifestyle to prove that I can be with a man. It seems so utterly inconvenient, yet so many do it at the drop of a hat and consider it an achievement.

Apologies, but my lessons thus far, have been too challenging, so I have made a conscious decision to fast-track my spiritual growth and bypass the lesson of marriage in this lifetime. Anyway, it is just a custom and I am not about to become enslaved by a custom.

By writing this book, I hope my experiences will contribute to opening up the mind of the reader to see the world differently and becoming more aware of all the controls endemic in our society, to which you might not have given thought thus far.

I do not profess to know everything, only that there are many chances and many lifetimes in which to learn for which I am most thankful.

The book is written in deliberately simple text to attempt to reach a wide readership as well as those readers who find themselves in limbo, seeking more to life, which is almost everyone. I am aware of the repetition in various sections but this will assist in remembering important text without having to back-track constantly. Often you find yourself remembering text but unable to remember the page or section. Repeating the relevant text will assist greatly in this regard. It was not easy to cut out the repetitive text as much of it overlaps and writing one homogeneous piece of work was just not possible in this case, as spirit friends kept urging me to write at various times, giving me chunks of information at odd times. Sometimes I would wake up in the morning with images and words flooding my head, mostly I would get a surge of information during meditation and feel my hands glowing, knowing that I must write.

Words in italics have been recorded verbatim while the rest is paraphrased.

Thank you to the spirit friends for giving me this information. I have learnt much in this endeavour to impart their wisdom.

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