The Revelation

By VictoriousVicky All Rights Reserved ©

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CHAPTER ONE - The Journey

The air was filled with unprecedented happiness as Beauty packed her bag, waiting for her aunty that is taking her abroad. She had been in this spirit for three days now, but today, she was at the peak of it all.

Beauty is 15 years old, from west Africa; her aunty that is taking her abroad had assured her that her gaining admission into the tertiary institution of choice will be very easy, this she explained to beauty, not without painted a very beautiful picture of schools abroad to the extent that every where glitters and for no fee, at all. This sound like music to the ears of beauty, she started imagining how beautiful the trees abroad would be, definitely money must grow on them she taught, if not, how come such beautiful schools with all the luxury is free of charge, she does not want to miss out in this kind of great places, and by the time she is through with her education, she would have some fashion statement things before she travel down, to flaunts and make her friends green with envy.

Since her choice of profession is to become a medical doctor, she could not wait to fulfill her destiny, and for free of charge.

Beauty made this news known to everyone. She virtually told all who were interested to hear it. She phoned some of her relatives, telling them that she will soon be in the university studying medicine abroad, and eventually come to West African to practice and become the best. She did not fail to tell them that her tongue would be well twisted and she will be speaking with foreign accents.

She told her best friend, Doris, that she will be a big girl, when she come visiting during her education pursuit, and she would have a very fine car to herself, telling her how stylish and sophisticated she will be looking, just like her aunt that is taking her abroad.

Beauty attends a secondary school just two street away from where she resides with her family and she was more than glad to inform even the school authority about her journey to abroad.

The principal advised her parents against Beauty travelling immediately, to enable her stay for the West Africa Examination Council (WAEC) that is meant for the Senior Secondary School (S.S.S) students in class 3. Since the examination was almost coming up, so that her time in the senior secondary school would not be wasted. He went further to explain to Beauty’s parents that if one finishes a level of education without the result to show for it, it is like a waste of time and resources; especially a level like Senior Secondary School education, where the person needs the result to further his or her education for tertiary institution.

This he explained further that all tertiary institutions, including abroad requires results that indicate that a person had finished secondary school education and performed very well before admitting such candidate. Despite the fact that the principal took his time to explain this to Beauty’s parents, all his explanations fell into their deaf ears. The fact that Beauty’s parents were illiterate did not help issue, nothing the school principal said made sense, especially when her sister, Delilah had told her woven lies about abroad and schooling, and Beauty parents, wanting the best for their daughter, would not hesitate to send their first and only daughter abroad to go and acquire educational skills in medicine and become the best doctor with a magnificent hospital.

As far as Beauty was concern, She was so sure that the principal does not want her to be elevated; he wanted her to remain in that school that does not have all the needed facilities. Has he forgotten that for a very long time they did not have mathematics teacher, not until the school got one with the help of the Parent Teacher Association (PTA), who worked for three month before they finally got a permanent mathematics teacher. She knows this much because the teacher discusses issues like this when they patronizes her mother restaurants for lunch, which is same time as her own break time. She also sometimes spend her break time helping her mum before returning back to class for the rest of the lesson. Sometimes ago, she heard them saying some subject teachers are difficult now a days, subject like mathematics as people tends to avoid been specialized in subjects like that.

She wants the kind of school that Aunty Delilah told her about. A school that glitters with the latest kinds of computers and well equipped laboratories, first class libraries, Wi-Fi everywhere with lots and lots of luxury, plus a free sumptuous three square meals daily. She would order those beautiful dishes she watches on the television, and she is so sure they taste will be extra ordinarily delicious.

The most interesting part of what Aunty Delilah told her and her parents was that, when the facilities are faulty, they are thrown away immediately replaced with a new and more recent and sophisticated model of the brand that was damaged.

Maybe there is lots of Father Christmases in those cities, she doesn’t know, but she would love to find out all by herself. That she doesn’t want to miss such opportunity.

She was still day dreaming when she was startled by her mum’s voice, calling her that her aunt is around. She was very excited as she hugged her aunt and exchange pleasantries. After such high level of excitement, they got ready to travel. With lots of emotional goodbyes from family and friends, she left the shores of West Africa.

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