My bad master

By Jiminsgirl63 All Rights Reserved ©

Mystery / Romance


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Y/N: “It’s gonna be my last day here....will miss you all.”

you are going to be someone slave, working as a maid to help your mother who is sick.

only you can support her and your little sister.

Y/N: “bye mum.....i love you, im going to work hard and i will send my monthly pay to you. Don’t worry, i will be okay mum. i love you so much. take care.”

you gave a last warm and long hug with your mum and little sister.

you gave advise to your little sister to take care of your mum.

i went to the door and the driver is already waiting outside.

i have been told that my owner is such a rich guy.

He even sponser a driver for you to go to his place.

you went in the car and take a last look at your house.

you are gonna start a new life being a maid.

you have never seen your owner’s face and you don’t even know his name.

it’s a long journey and it’s night.

the place is so far from your house.

you are tired but you can’t sleep from the nervousness.

finally we are here.

by just looking outside of the house damn this guy has money dude.

the driver help you take out the lauguage and lead you to the living room.

it’s night time so it’s dark in the house.

no one is around.

damn the house is so omg.

you were amazed with the big house.

looking around like a stupid kid.

driver: “master is not back yet. he will be back in half an hour. i will go now.”

you nod and he left you alone at the enourmous house.

it’s so peaceful and quiet.

you plan on making some tea for your owner so when he comes back home he will have a nice tea.

you look at his drawer and there is the tea.

tea will be nice for the night.

you were busy making the tea for your owner until you heard someone voice.

???:“who the hell are you?”

his voice is deep and scary.

his gazed is really intense it scared you a lot.

Y/N: “welcome back, im y/n, your new maid.”

???: “ you are the one...”

He stared at you from up to bottom with his sexy face.

You look down feeling your face getting hotter.

He stared at you for like 5 minutes.

He lick his lips.

You can see his smirk.

???:” are you virgin?”

Y/N:“of course”


He had the most perverted smile on his face.

You were really shocked with his question.

Like really? im young okay.. i dont even have a boyfriend..

Suddenly he walked away living you alone.

You stop him.

Y/N: “WAIT! What should i address you? and i made tea for you.”

???: “My name is park jimin but address me as master... drink that tea im going to sleep now ...

Y/N: “yes master.”

He walked away and left you.

You let out a long and shaky sigh.

That’s really an awkward moment.

You are not use to respecting people.

It’s super awkward to call someone master.

You drink the tea and clean up quickly.

You find your room and arrange your items.

You wanted to bath but there is no toilet on level 1.

It’s dark outisde, all the lights were switched off.

You went up the stairs and you found the toilet.

The door is open and he lights were switched on.

You went in.

The toilet is so omg.

The best toilet you have seen in life.

You close the door and lock it.

You let down your hair and placed your towels at the hangers.

You were about to take off your shirt but you heard someone’s voice behind you.

Jimin: “Seducing me...?”

You turn around quickly covering youself.

You cover your mouth from shouting.

Jimin, your master standing at the door....

staring at you sexily.....

his smirk kills you.

Y/N: “OMG! Im super sorry! I did not realise someone was here! and i went in. Im super sorry!”

You were about to get out of the toilet but he pinned you to the wall.

Omg he is so fucking sexy..

Jimin: “You did it on purpose right? Naughty Kitten.

Y/N: “NO! Im really sorry! I did not do this on purp-”

Jimin: “Answering back your master?”

You keep quiet and look away.

Jimin: “You really turn me on... you must be punished for making your master hard.”

Your eyes widen shocked by what he said.

His hard..?

Because of me....

What did i do..?

Your face became more redder.

He pulled your chin up si he can look at you clearly.

He licked his lips looking at your eyes and then your lips.

Jimin: “Your lips are really calling for mien right? haha. Tell me you want it”

Who the hell in this world does not want that wet, pink and suckable lips like Jimins on them.

But you just met him.

You can’t just kiss him liek that.

Jimin wanted to take off his shirt but you stopped him.

Y/N: “M-Master stop....please..”

He pull down his shirt and you could see him cursing under his breathe.

He seem really pissed off.

Jimin: “GET OUT..”

He walked to the bathtub and you quickly unlock the door and ran off to your room.

You lock your bedroom door and sit down on your bed.

Thinking about the incident, your face got hotter.

Y/N: “Is that really my owner.... i can’t survive everyday with that hot stuff. He is only older than me in how many years. OMG.”

You hid your face with your pillow.

You can’t forget the way he licked his lips, the way he pulled his shirt up.

The way he pinned you against the wall and his stare.

Y/N: “I made him go hard...What did i even do..? OMG..

You close your eyes and you fell asleep...

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