Love or Loyalty?

By VinoUnique All Rights Reserved ©

Mystery / Romance


She is known for saving everyone. Will she save herself? Story of a girl who protects everyone and believes in no one. She is a hope for others but she lost hope for herself. He is her long time friend. He knows her in and out. He wants to give her hope as more than a friend but he has reservations. He wants her to have a normal life. But, will she? Will he able to protect her? Will she let him? Or will he accompany her to the end as a friend? She is a lovely girl with warm heart. She wants her life to go on as it is and doesn't want a change. She wants everyone to be happy that she ended up being sad. All she wants now is peace. Will her heart able to handle all the changes that may come on her way? Will she handle all the past? He is not a hero, not a villain. He is someone who wants to avenge his family. He has a tormented past and believe people can never be trusted. But she wants to him believe in life again. Will he let her heal him or he will hurt her more? Is it worth sacrificing everything he believes in? The all have love and their loyalties lies on different things. What they will choose ultimately? Love or Loyalty? To find out, start reading..


A nine year old little girl was sitting in a corner of a dark room with locked iron bars for door. She had wounds on her back and hands. She was in such a pain that she wanted to pass out. But she forced herself not to pass out for the fear that something worst might happen. She tried to close her ears and eyes but it didn’t prove to be of much use. She could not get rid of the cries coming from the adjacent cells.

Their cries for help wanted to cry for help too. But no one was going to help her. They said her parents didn’t want her because she was bad. She came here before 427 days. She knew it correctly because cook Martha told her what day it is whenever she asked. They were not allowed to eat but she helps Martha in cooking. There was a mid aged woman at the other corner of her cell. She always consoled that little girl.

The little girl should be happy that she was treated better than others, after all, she was the future bride of twelve years old Dolos, son of Velles, an underworld lord. Velles was the head of everyone there. He was the most evil being on this entire planet. His son Dolos,his heir, is exactly like him. Dolos had a soft spot for that little girl. He ordered only he had the rights to torture his bride.

“Why is this happening? I know I was bad so parents sent me here but I just wanted to see grandpa”, that little mind could not comprehend that it was not her fault she was being abused.

“You didn’t do anything wrong. The one who was beating you was wrong. But, why are you resisting Dolos? Why don’t you want to play with him?“, the woman asked in between her coughs.

“Because he hurt that little boy”, she replied.

“You must learn to accept your fate soon. You can’t save everybody. They will kill you”, she advised.

Just then her friend Lily from next cell screamed out loud and it became silent. Velles shouted, “This bitch is dead. Find me someone else”.

The little girl was shocked. She felt like throwing up. Lily was so kind hearted that she could not have been a bad girl. That’s why Lily wasn’t sent here. Velles was lying to her. If Lily wasn’t sent here because she was bad then neither were others. They didn’t do anything wrong. Silent tears started pouring out of her eyes and the older woman started crying too and came near her to wipe the tears. The little girl swatted the woman’s hands away.

“You said if we listened we would live. You lied. She is dead now because she listened well”, the little girl accused.

The woman cried some more.

“Why are you crying? What right do you have? Why you didn’t help us instead of advising us to accept the fate?“, she demanded.

“It’s not that.. You are angry now. You will understand once you calm down”, the woman tried to convince the girl.

The little girl wiped her own tears.

“Then, I will not calm down. I will not understand. I will always be angry until I get the others out of here. I can’t save everybody. But I will save anybody I can”, she promised.

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