Finding Her

By Thatgirlrose All Rights Reserved ©

Mystery / Romance


A young girl who attended Edgewater High School, went missing. She was taken from her school right at the main office. When she walked out it was as if she knew who was taking her. The love of her live had witnessed everything and had been grieving ever since.

Chapter 1 When I Lost Her

It was the morning of March 10th. I thought I saw her outside on the streets. I told everyone I saw her and that I don’t think she is really dead. She had been taken just a week ago. She was taken right in front of me. I was looking through our school window when someone in a van had come up and taken her. All I saw was a man take her, I could barely see his face. I saw her fight to get away from him, I just stood there and did nothing. I've felt awful ever since that day.

Then all of a sudden something weird happened. This new kid comes to our school. We never get new kids in the middle of the school year. He looked familiar but didn't know anyone at our school. That's not even the weirdest part. It was his father. His father looked as if I knew him. But I didn't, and I had a feeling he did. A teacher asked me if I could show the new kid around because he had the same classes as me, which I thought was a little weird.

Some of my friends came along to meet him. He told me he left sorry for me about that guy taking my girlfriend from me. I don't know how he knew, I guess word gets around. But I still asked him, he told me that his dad had saw it in the paper. I didn't even know her story made the paper. This whole thing is one giant mystery. The love of my life leaving me, a new kid no one has ever heard of, and a weird father who I'm pretty sure knows who I am, but wont admit it. I got a glance of something outside, so I went to go see. When I went to go check I saw a person in a black hooded sweatshirt. But not just anyone, it was her, my girlfriend.

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