Shadow Of Death

By Gwad Rètrö Rumerz All Rights Reserved ©

Mystery / Thriller

Chapter 1

I brushed my right hand heavily across my face one night as I was sleeping and I woke up. I reached for my phone on the table next to my bed and noticed that my curtains were flickering with light from outside.

What the heck is happening “tonight”? I thought to myself. I got out of bed and rolled back the curtains to see what was going on…

The neighborhood was on fire. There were towers of flames everywhere. A round of gunshots rang through the air. A explosion rattled the windows. I rushed to my brother – Mike’s, bed and shook him.

“Hey stop disturbing me,” he said.

“You mean you never heard that explosion? The neighborhood is on fire, we better get mom, dad and Cindy then find a way to leave the house.

“What fire are you talking about? You must be dreaming,” Michael replied. He pulled his blanket over his head and continued to sleep.

“Bratatat Bratatat.” A round of shots broke the silence.

“That sounded very close,” Mike said.

“Climb that wall. Look for anything of value in that house; kill anyone you find,” a voice shouted from outside.

In a split second, Mike was on his feet and we headed for the door to my sister’s bedroom. We entered without knocking and yanked her out of bed.

She slapped me in disgust. “Why did you wake me up?”

“Cindy, there are armed men outside.”

“Armed what? You must be joking?” she replied.

“Bang. Bang. Bang.” We heard loud knocks on the front door. “Open up or we will kill you!” A voice roared.

“William, get mom and dad please,” Cindy cried. We raced for my parent’s door and banged on it furiously. Dad opened the door and the three of us poured into their bedroom.

“Dad, mom, what should we do?” I asked.

“Let’s try to get out through the back door,” Dad suggested.

“What if those thugs are also at the back,” Cindy argued.

“It’s better than waiting here to get killed,” mom said. We ran out of the room quickly and slammed into the door in our corridor that separates our bedrooms from the rest of the house.

I opened the door as fast as I could. “Thuuuud!!!” an object made contact with our front door. It creaked furiously. I imagined that a second or third hit, with the object the thugs were using, would be enough for it to give way.

We rushed past our living room and made it to our kitchen door. Glass broke in the kitchen just was Mike was about to open the door. We stopped and listened with our ears against the door. The curtains were drawn back and we saw a beam of light scan the room through the ventilator above the kitchen door.

“Thuuuud!!!” another bang on the front door.

“Guys, the only way to avoid being killed is to climb into the ceiling,” I uttered.

“Thuuuud!!!” the sound of a heavy object hitting the front door sounded again. –We all run for the entry point into our ceiling which was just outside the bathroom I shared with my siblings. There is a sink outside our bathroom door where we wash hands after using the toilet.

My dad, brother and I lifted Cindy, up the square inlet. She got a hold of the entry point and climbed through. (featured image) My dad went up next so he could help my mum climb.

I knelt down and told my mum to stand on my shoulders. She did just that. With my brother’s help, I slowly stood up. She was able to get a hold of the sides of the inlet then my dad helped her up the rest of the way.

My brother was next to go up. He climbed on top of the sink and reached for the sides of the inlet. Then pulled himself in. I was the last one to enter the ceiling. As soon as my feet were up the inlet, we heard the door break. Footsteps advanced into the house.

“Search the house for anything of value. Kill whoever you find,” One of the thugs commanded.

We listened silently from the ceiling as the thugs opened different doors below. Furniture was thrown around. Heavenly Father protect us. I prayed.

“There’s no one here,” a voice spoke from down below. We heard footsteps leave the house…

“William, go and check to see if all is clear,” said Dad.

“Please, wait, I don’t want to lose you,” mom interjected.

“I’ll wait,” I replied.

We waited in pitch-black darkness talking to each other in hushed tones. We heard the faint cry of a woman out there… After what seemed like an eternity, I climbed out of the ceiling and made my way to the living room...

An objected flew through the front door and hit one of the walls. That didn’t deter me from moving towards the front door. I looked outside and it was silent. The thugs or whoever was causing this chaos had probably gone to other houses.

I started to make my way back when a boom thundered. I was catapulted through the air and crashed into one of the walls. A ball of fire engulfed me.

~ - ~

“Huh, Huh, Huh,” I woke up breathing heavily. I touched different parts of my body in disbelief. You mean all that was just a dream? Oh my God! That felt so real. I quickly turned to look at my window and saw the morning sun shining behind my curtains. I could hardly breathe. “Wow! What a dream.” I said to myself.

The End

Have you ever had a nightmare that felt so real? How did you deal with it?

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