The Bullied And The Bully

By CaElMc405 All Rights Reserved ©

Humor / Drama


Have you ever had a bully? Have you ever been a bully? Meet Loco-Angel Davis a sarcastic nerd, she is constantly bullied, by none other than Damien Ryder the classical steel-hearted bad boy. The two opposing people used to be the best of friends, well they were until Loco-Angel’s mother, Diana Davis, died in a mass shooting at her work place. ALso, her father, Eugene Davis, tried to shoot himself in drunken craze, killing Damien’s twin brother, Lucas Ryder, whom of which was over trying to protect Loco-Angel, or as he called her, LoGel, from the abuse of Eugene. This sad event caused Damien to hate Loco-Angel, and their little towns only high school, Pleasant Hill High School, provided the perfect environment to ruin her life like she did his.

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