Sophie's Vision Quest

By MayenWrites All Rights Reserved ©

Humor / Romance


Seriously, what makes us outcasts in social circles? A pair of glasses? It seems as though wearing a thickly rimmed pair of lenses automatically shuns you into a group, whether you like it or not. Totally lame! Sophie and Jenna, two quirky, eccentric best friends, are finally seniors at Ulysses Grant High! The year is bound to be great! They're now the cream of the crop! That is, until Jenna can’t seem to take the heat about being seen the way she used to be at school. Sophie tries to remind Jenna that being seen as weird isn't a big deal, but in the mean time gets herself into more embarrassing shenanigans with the help of the school's terror, Bee Bee. Unfortunately, Sophie gets a taste of too much ridicule, finding herself in the same, if not worse, self-conscious boat as Jenna, which leaves her with two options: taking the blows or leaving her own unique mark behind.

Chapter 1

My hands gripped tight on the wheel as I zipped and veered down streets contoured with parked cars. No more sidewalks for me, as I was a woman of the road now! I knew this moment would be great, but I didn’t think it would even feel this remotely fantastic.

My foot lifted from the accelerator and slammed on the breaks. I got so excited that I almost ran a stop sign. It’s probably not a good idea to get in trouble with the authorities within the first hour of gaining my freedom.

With poorly tamed nerves, I steered with caution onto the desired avenue. When I came to a full stop, I shifted into neutral and revved the engine a few times.

Yeah. Listen to that purr.

I whipped out my phone, and it was to my ear before I removed the key from the ignition.

“Did you hear that? Yeah, that noise! No. It wasn’t from Tammy Gobino, your rude neighbor. Look out the window.” Without hesitation, I slyly hung up the phone.

“Oh my God! You got it?!” Jenna screamed out from the top window of the large two-story home. She quickly slapped her hands over her face to make sure that her glasses didn’t fall off and drop to its little demise. However, Jenna equated to graceless, so the fact that that didn’t happen was a surprise.

“Hurry!” I yelped and gestured for her to come outside in the most exaggerated and gesticular way possible. Her arms flailed into the air, and she disappeared into her bedroom. In ten seconds flat, she barreled through the front door in her camisole, matching cotton candy themed pajama bottoms, and ultra short Uggs. Halfway through the fiery blonde’s path, she came to a screeching halt and slapped her hands over her mouth.

I pinched my lips together and slowly nodded my head. Jenna’s skinny arms reached out as she stumbled forward. She was afraid to touch it. The mere sight of it struck her nerves.

I turned on the heels of my favorite red and black Vans to stand beside her. We basked in its shiny and beautiful glory with a synchronized sigh.

“It’s... it’s beautiful,” she exhaled while revolving around the vehicle.

Gleaming in the afternoon sunlight was the fantastic silver and yellow smart car I’ve always wanted since first mentioned in my brother’s ’09 Men’s Vogue magazine. Now that I had my license, and was practically my parents’ slave for four months without complaints, I have the car of my dreams.

“Go friggin’ get ready so that we can go to the mall!” I squealed to her.

I wasn’t sure if she heard me because she was still open-jawed and wide-eyed.


Any elocution that came from my mouth bounced right off of her ears. I gripped her shoulders, and I shook as I repeated myself. Suddenly, her large bright eyes gleamed at me, and her glowing lips quivered.

My head tilted to examine whether or not she was okay. Of course, I knew she was fine once she flung her blonde curls around and sprinted back toward the open door.

I rushed inside after Jenna, and like usual Pixel, the adorable and small Golden Retriever, attacked my feet.

My hands rubbed over her soft belly, and she panted and threw her head to the side with her tongue out. Pixel, then, began to nibble at my hand playfully, but she was scolded from afar, “Pixel! No!”

I looked up and saw Cameron looking down from the second floor in his Under Armour tank. His dirty-blonde hair was dense and ruffled in every direction. I knew that look meant that he and his dad were more than likely working out in the upstairs fitness room. I couldn’t complain though. My hair wasn’t exactly the most well-kempt situation at the moment.

“Oh hey, Cameron,” I happily greeted while jumping to my feet.

He smirked and briskly waved. “How’s it goin’, Sophie?”

I tousled my auburn hair into an even greater mess, and I chuckled, “I just passed my test and got my license.”

“No way!” he chirped, rushing down the stairs. He opened the front door and looked out before he turned on his heels and whispered in confusion, “Your parents got you that?”

“Yeah! Isn’t it amazing?!” I proudly answered with closed fists.

His head lifted up, as he tried to process my excitement. Then he gently put his hand on my shoulder and said, “I like it. It’s a really cool car.”

“Blargh! I know!” I exclaimed.

Cameron lifted up his hands, and I slapped at his palms.

Oh, double high-fives. How you never fail to bring my excitement to its maximum.

Before I could squeal any more, Jenna snapped at her brother while unabashedly stomping down the stairway, “I thought that you thought those cars were dumb-looking. End quote!”

“I never said that, freak. I said you were dumb-looking,” Cameron jabbed. He quickly switched his eyes back to me and winked knowing what he just provoked.

Jenna charged to the bottom and zoomed into her brother’s face, or at least she tried to considering he was towering an entire foot above her.

Cameron and Jenna were always at each other’s throats. They weren’t identical, but they were still twins, and I loved Jenna’s “I’m five minutes older than you!” card at him. That comment always resulted in a battle of brains and brawn, which Cameron always won since he would just physically restrain her until she gave up.

“Go back upstairs, Cameron,” Jenna snarled.

The pair of greenish-brown eyes locked on each other. The tension was fierce, and I scrunched my lips together, awaiting their next move. After a few seconds of awkward silence, at least for me, Cameron threw his head back in a fit of laughter.

“Ha! You lost! Again!” Jenna maniacally exclaimed.

He ruffled her golden curls she carefully brushed out, and I cringed before the next event could happen. Normally, Jenna would have shrilled at the top of her lungs, but she stood and glared at him with a rosy, thin line for a pair of lips. My brows met in confusion, and it appeared as though Pixel was just as bewildered.

Cameron smirked, rolled his eyes, and choose to walk away from his sister’s silent vexation. I raised my brows at Jenna, and she angrily nodded that she was ready to go. Exhilarated, I grabbed the handle of the front door. Before I could turn it, we heard Cameron ask, “Hey dweeb, where are your glasses?”

Jenna quickly retorted in embarrassment, “I’m wearing my contacts!”

He scoffed, “Why?”

“Because I can, okay?! Why aren’t you getting onto Sophie? She doesn’t have her glasses on today either!” she snapped, rubbing the skin under her eyes where her glasses usually rest.

“Because, unlike you, she actually looks cute without them.”

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