Trapped With My Brothers

By Nadine Abu Treef All Rights Reserved ©

Humor / Romance


"You'll move in with your brothers" With that one single sentence, my life turned upside down. I still don't know if it was for the worst or the best... But due to my past experience with luck, I'm sure it will suck. Hey, that rhymed.

Chapter 1


As I was enjoying the sweet flavor on my strawberry cupcake, my mom marched into the living room with a huge and scary grin on her shining free from wrinkles face. For a 46 year old single mom, she can be super energetic, which can be annoying at times... But I love her so much. I can’t be separated from her for a long time, we’re like twins that can’t be apart from each other. So Cheesy.

" What? ” I asked, narrowing my eyes suspiciously at her.

She ran her hand though her blond hair and breathed in then out. No, Lexi they breath up and down. ” You’ll have to move in with your brothers ” she stated like she just told me I’m adopted.

Don’t worry, I’m not adopted...I think.

I fixed my position on the bean bag chair and stared at her with wide eyes. My green eyes were probably popping out, like in all Cartoons. I love Cartoons. " Say what now? ” I asked her then crossed my arms under my chest and waited for her to enlighten me with her answer.

Mom rolled her eyes with an annoying smile. She feels guilty, I can sense it. ” Like I said, you’ll have to move in to live with your three older brothers. ” she replied like it was the most obvious thing ever. ” You still remember them right?” she added. Of course I remember them geez.

I tried to analyze what she said but my wide and creative mind was blank like the black space. I can be lost in it for too long, the black color can be charming and enchanting- Wait, I have more serious matters to deal with. I’ll in a mature way.

" What? Who? when? and most importantly, Why? ” I asked all at once, hoping she’d answer all of them.

Mom kneeled down in front of me and cupped my cheeks. ” Sweetness, you have to trust me on this one. I came to realize that you didn’t and aren’t enjoying your spring years of your life in the right way. You need to discover the world. ” she reasoned with a sad look and I sighed.

" How can I see the world mom? I’m in it, so yeah. I love being homeschooled, here. In this cozy and warm house. Here. ” I cleared putting more emphasis on the word Here and she chuckled like I told her something funny. I didn’t.

" Lexi, honey. You finished high school and received you diploma at 14 and now your working so hard to finish your university years though the net. All I’m saying is that you can go to an actual university and make some friends and finish your studies then boom... a new psychiatrist in the Houston family ” mom countered with a smile and I rolled my eyes.

" I have friends ” I defended.

" Sweetness, your bed and the kitchen aren’t considered as friends. You can consider them as crushes or lovers, but not friends. Your brothers will take care of you because you’ll attend the same university as them. ” she said.

Me, with my brothers, in the same house or dorms... Right.

" Funny, because last time I checked, they sent a boy to a hospital when he tried to talk with me... He was 15 and I was 14 mom, for goodness sake. Please don’t make me go ” I blurted out while throwing my hands in the air for more dramatic effects. I like to act as a drama queen, but I don’t like to be like one. Makes sense?

" Lexi, they were just protecting you. They love you. ” She rubbed my palms with her hands. Her touch was so freaking cold.

You expected from me to say ′ Her touch was so warm ′ right? Well... We’re in summer and she was probably eating ice cream behind my back. That traitor.

" I know, I love them too but it’s not the only reason why I was homeschooled. ” I raised my eyebrows at her to show her my point. It’s a good and logical point, actually.

" You’re super intelligent Lexi, you had to be homeschooled. The teachers couldn’t keep up to your intelligence ” she replied, totally dismissing my claim.

I laughed. ” No, it’s because I got expelled from my last school at 13 mom. I have anger issues when it comes to little squeaky noises and you know it, everyone in the family knows it. That one squeaky noise that the teacher was doing on the board, made me livid and scratch his face... With the damn scissors ” I cleared in a louder tone. One of the reasons why I want to be a psychiatrist was to manage my temper and not be that mad when it comes to annoying noises. At least, I hope it works.

" I’m not going and that’s final. ” I stated then stood up.

" You look so cute when you think that it’s your choice to decide. It’s been settled with your brothers and they will be waiting for you at the airport when you land, ” she explained and I groaned feeling pissed off at her decision. She can’t be the boss of me... Well, actually she can. Ugh, I’m confusing myself.

" But they live in Sydney, Australia and we live in California. It’s too far from here. ” I whined like a little baby.

" It’s not like you have friends to miss, now suck it up and go pack. You’ll leave tomorrow morning. End of discussion ” she said and I felt hurt-ish at her words.

" Touchè ” I commented then went to my room to pack, feeling defeated. She makes her decision, Lexi pays the price. Always. Why was I born to a family that has no girls besides mom? Well, life is tough and so is my luck. If I had any.

I opened my bedroom door and entered my room. I examined the room to see the same old plain white walls and the queen sized bed in the middle of the room. Nothing has changed since that day. It was too hurtful to make changes... Nah, I was too lazy to alter anything. I mean, who cares if my room lacked colors? It’s not like I have friends to judge or suggest to change. Wow, mom was right. I have no one to miss here, well except her that is.

I went to my closet and pulled out my suitcase, it was big enough to fit for my clothes. Then I grabbed another suitcase _but smaller_ for my other stuff, like laptop, charger, headphones and some makeup that mom bought for me, once.

I didn’t have much stuff to pack.

As I was closing the suitcases, my phone went off. I looked at the caller ID and smiled. ” Hey Arlo ” I said to my 19 years old brother who’s so much like me... We were both lazy.

" Hey little sis, how are you? ” he asked and I could feel the smile in his tone.

" I’m good. So, I heard that I’m moving in with you guys. ” I brought the subject then fell back on my comfy bed. I’m sure I’m gonna miss that bed so much. Once again, mom was right... It was my lover not friend.

" Yes, I’m so excited. Now we can make sure no boys come near you. You’ll be with us in every class besides your major. ” he replied, and I rolled my eyes. No boys near me... Like they can ever come near me.

" Whatever you say ” I rolled my eyes, then opened the book that I was reading last night.

" And before I go, tomorrow on the plane, don’t talk with boys. Clear? ” he said in a firm tone.

" Fine! ” I breathed out. ” I’ll see you tomorrow, bye brother. ” I said then closed my phone and turned my attention to the book.

Sydney, here I come.

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