Luftdyn's Night Off

By BernadetteP All Rights Reserved ©

Humor / Action


We all know the life of a Super Hero has its rewards, but how many people actually think about the personal lives of our Super Heroes? Luftdyn has made it known to the powers that be...the police chief and the commissioner, that this is to be his night off. Luftdyn's civilian name is Frank and Frank, has definite plans for spending time with his wife, so do NOT send out any signals of crime, for the next 24 hours. Do criminals ever take the night off? Do Super Heroes ever get a night off? Does Frank get to fulfill his plans in regards to being his wife's Super Hero for the night? Read along to find out if Luftdyn gets the night off and Frank gets to be the Super Hero of his wife's night.

Chapter One

Luftdyn had just returned home after an impromptu meeting with the Police Chief, Commissioner and Mayor.

“Thanks Malcolm for staying with Sonja while I met with Police Chief Bupkis, Commissioner Nemish and Mayor Little.”

“What did Bupkis, Nemish and Little have to say?” Malcolm asked.

“Not much really.”

“Now why does that not surprise me? When have any one of them ever had much to say?”

“When something is being said against them or when they are in campaign mode, but setting that aside, I called the meeting, so all they really had to do, was listen.”

“Did they give you any further instructions in regards to our ongoing investigation of Thistle, Hunt & Polk Funeral Home?

“Only to continue digging for information and keep them up to date as to what they might be trying to hide.”

“I’m not sure how much deeper we can dig. We might need a bigger shovel, because the spade we have been using, does not hold much.”

Frank rolled his eyes as he endeavored not to bite into his brother’s, lame jokes and innuendoes of hidden moneys, regarding their financial investigations into a multi-million dollar funeral home.

Malcolm continued on to ask, “Do you think Paula and Jessica might be able to find a cheap backhoe rental for us? Perhaps we could get Shawna to push them into a talking circle and get them to more easily spill the beans?”

“Alright Malcolm, enough of the lame jokes involving the name and nature of the business we are investigating.” Frank said.

“Oh come on bro, where is your sense of humor? My jokes would have Mom and Dad cracking up already.”

“Yeah, and Mom would be adding. Malcolm you are a true treasure, lets bury you.” Frank added.

“Yes and Dad would be saying, If you can’t beat em, join em, so come on, admit it. My jokes are funny.”

Without another word, Frank turned and walked away. He climbed the stairs, walked into the bedroom, dropped his face mask onto the end-table beside the bed and continued on into the connecting bathroom. He turned on the hot water and after removing his clothes stepped into the shower.

“How did Mom and Dad manage five kids, three of which have special abilities? We must have driven them crazy at times. I’m the oldest of the bunch and can hear a pin drop… 3 kilometers away. Malcolm can be in a room full of people and none of them would even know he’s there. There is no putting anything over on Shawna, because she knows what people are thinking before they do. Finally, though Jessica and Paula do not have super power abilities, they are special in their own way in that as twins, they can organize and manage events and gatherings like no one else I know. Paula and Jessica took over the management of the business after Mom and Dad retired.
So, though my day to day sanity is due to love of my life and wife Veronica, it is because of Paula and Jessica that everything Malcolm, Shawna and I need as a super heroes, helping us stay on top of the criminals. Furthermore, are the two people in this criminal based world that we can count on to make sure we have all the up to date equipment needed to stay ahead of the criminal influence.”

A smile rose to Frank’s lips as he remembered the first time he and his siblings worked together against criminals as opposed to trying to fool their parents. They were the typical teenagers, wanting independence from their parents, believing their parents were out of date and had no idea what teenagers could do. Their parents had always been adamant about them having balanced lives in regards to knowing the technology of the day as well as getting lots of fresh air and exercise.

They had coerced and convinced their parents of letting them take a weekend camping trip. Kids only, no adults allowed or welcome, but they would only be 3 miles away from home and they would have their high capacity fully powered walkie-talkies with them and on at all times. Frank, Malcolm and Shawna promised they would keep 13 year old Jessica and Paula safe. They had set up their camp site and were just about to start a fire so they could enjoy a bit of a wiener roast when a car load of yelling thugs sped past them.

Shawna said, “They are up to no good. One of the guys in that car was thinking about buried masks and guns in one of these camp sites.”

Frank had heard and shared with is his siblings, “Yeah I know. One of them said, the guns are hidden in the last camp site on this road.”

Malcolm said, “Stay here. I will be right back and he vanished.”

Within a few minutes, there was a lot of excited yelling coming from the campsite at the end of the road.

“Hey man, how’s that gun floating in thin air?”

Frank heard a loud thud and a shot as the gun went off after hitting the ground. Knowing Malcolm had taken things into his own hands, not considering the danger he would be putting their younger siblings into, Frank said, “You three stay here. I will be right back.”

Shawna laughed and said, “Those guys are crapping their pants, over there. They have no clue what is going on. One thinks the camp site is haunted, because the masks are flying up into the air and moving all around the place.”

Jessica and Paula both stood up and stepped in front of Frank saying, “We want to have some fun too.”

“Yeah Frank!” said Shawna.

“It’s too dangerous and we promised Mom and Dad, Jessica and Paula would be safe. Going to a campsite where there are guns, is not safe. You three stay here.”

“If Malcolm is going to drop loaded guns causing them to go off, this campsite is not safe either. We are going with you!” Paula stated.

There was another yell and a thud from the other campsite and the sound of a gun going off again. The four of them ducked as a bullet ricocheted past their heads.

“Okay, come on let’s go before Malcolm gets someone shot.” Looking at Jessica and Paula, Frank added, “You two stay behind Shawna and I, because if either of you two get hurt, Mom and Dad will kill us.”

Frank seemed to be talking to himself though as Shawna, Jessica and Paula were already running towards the other campsite.

When they got to the other campsite, it was the funniest sight to see. A couple of the grown men were running around the campsite trying to get away from the floating, flying masks. Frank, Shawna and the twins, watched as one of men dived into a shrub, in an attempt to hide from floating gun and the full-face face mask that was yelling, “Get out of the way or be shot.”

Frank heard muffled noises coming from inside the car and realized there was at least one other person hiding in the back seat.

Jessica called, “Herd them into the car and we can lock them in.”

Paula added, “We can take their car keys.” Pointing towards the picnic table he added, “There are a couple lengths of rope, so we can tie the car doors shut.”

Malcolm heard the suggestion and began yelling, “Throw your keys on the ground and get into the car!”

The traumatized men were only, too willing to comply. The driver threw his keys and dove into the open door of the car, to cower on the other side of the vehicle. As the remaining men followed their buddy into the car for safety. Malcolm gathered the rope off the table and began to tie the car doors together so the men inside would not be able to open the doors.

“We need to hurry, I can hear sirens coming.”

Shawna was emptying the gun barrels of their bullets, letting them fall to the ground in front of the driver’s door. Using a corner of her shirt, she wiped her fingerprints off the guns and tossed the empty guns into the open driver and back seat, windows of the car. The masks were fabric so would not hold onto fingerprints, which meant it was all right for Paula and Jessica to pick them up off the ground and toss them into the open windows of the car too.

The five teens ran back to their campsite with barely seconds to spare before 3 police cars sped past and stopped at the end campsite.

“Get us out of here man! This site is haunted and we are not safe.” The men screamed with fear as the police laughingly, let them out of the car, cuffed and put them into the back of their police cars.

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