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BOOK 2 OF THE NO? SERIES (No or Yes? first book) The bad boy - bit of a dickhead, smokes, drinks, one eye blue and the other is green. The gay one - goofy, cute and you'd wish he is straight. The baby daddy - confused and is in love with another girl other than the mother of his child. The lover - cutie with big hair and knows how to treat a girl. The heartbreaker - likes to break girls hearts since a girl broke his. The goof - biggest cutie ever, want him as a boyfriend and is very innocent. The 'Jacob' - mysterious, smarter than everyone else and likes to stay single. The player - hot guy, knows how to show a girl the time of her life, likes girls and did I mention that he is in love with someone he can't have. Were all apart of Dakota West's life until an unfortunate event occurred which resulted in Dakota reconsidering her friendship with the guys. Dakota now must try and live life without 8 (hot) idiots. From tattoos to breaking the law, Dakota must do every crazy little thing just to get her old self back. Letting them go was hard, but letting go of myself was the hardest.


“Are you sure you want to do this?” Xavier looks at me as he puts on the gloves in the strange way doctors do. Well, considering that tattoo an artist does work with the skin, they should be considered as doctors who are also an artist. Artistic doctors equal tattoo artists.

I look at him as I sit on the chair, my back bare but my front covered by some cloth “I am hundred percent ready.” He comes up to me and rubs my shoulder.

“Are you really?” He stops “Want me to call Archer so he can help comfort you?” Huh, Archer. I do not want to hear that name ever again. Archer Jerry Cole is dead to me.

I turn to Xavier, narrow my eyes at him which makes him raise his eyebrow “I do not need Archer, I can do this myself so can you just permanently colour my skin already?”

He shakes his head but says nothing. I told him before that I do not need him to tell me everything he is going to do step by step, ‘I just need some thinking time while you do this.’ I said to him earlier. He already knows what design I want and where; the planets going down my spine in black and white. Xavier already put the temporal tattoo sticker on and all he has to do now is tattoo it on permanently. On cue, he does.

Tattoos hurt but somehow my body or mind is not reacting at all. Something in me went numb this morning and I do not know why. Archer kissed me early in the morning, I do not know when but I think three in the middle of the night. I told Archer everything, every last detail except for some points that are so important to my life. I am glad I did not tell him everything because I thought he cared about me and that we would end up together, be the couple that I always want but instead of coming home alone this morning, he came home with some girl by his side, calling her girlfriend. If she really is his girlfriend, then why did he kiss me? Everything about that kiss sticks into my mind like a language.


I never knew Archer’s kisses were like a drug. His soft lips on my not so soft lips. If only I knew that Archer and I would kiss so I could at least apply some lip balm that could make Archer at least enjoy kissing me. Is he enjoying this? I move my right hand up to his hair, something I miss doing. I leave my left hand on his cheek while he holds my waist tight as if I am going to leave if he will not hold me. I can’t feel the sparks but I do feel my heart beat beater faster every second. Archer Jerry Cole is different. He did not turn away from me when I told him my past, he stayed and comforted me. Maybe Vena is right, I do like Archer but I am not admitting it, I should start admitting it.

I like Archer Jerry Cole.


I like Archer Jerry Cole and I can’t deny it. However, he hurt me, he left me to be with some girl. She is pretty too. She is so much prettier than me, maybe that is why Archer left me because she is so pretty and beautiful while I look hideous. No wonder Archer left me to be with her, Life would be so much easier if he is a pretty girl like Charlie. Charlie also has such a pretty name. Charlie sounds so cute and girly even if it is a unisex name. Charlie sounds like a cute little bird while Dakota is such a boy name. It is a state name, not a human name. Dakota sounds so bad and not something that Archer would want to date. I need a new name.

My back hurts so much. Oh my gosh, it feels like a thousand knives piercing my skin. I wish I brought a stress ball or something to put in my mouth to bite down. I know tattoos hurt a lot but I did not know that it would hurt this much. It hurts so much, so badly, ugh, I want to grab that needle tool and stab into Xavier’s eye. And Archer. Mostly Archer. However, I can’t escape, it would look horrible with only one planet. Xavier said that it would only take an hour or two but I want it to be done now.

I told Alec and the other guys that I will be at work but in reality, Ava is still forcing me to take a break while Archer pays. I am not complaining that Archer is still paying for me but I do the math every two weeks so I don’t use Archer’s money. When my break is over, I am chuck all of Archer’s money out of my card and throw it onto his face. All in ones so I guess that it will quite a lot. I hope that he will get a lot of paper cuts on his face when I throw the money at him. That will be the funniest image ever.

I came here because I always wanted a tattoo and planets seemed perfect. The solar system has been a big part of my childhood, learning everything about a planet was my usual. I lost that interest when I started high school. I lost my whole self during high school, I never did realise it until it was too late. I guess getting the planets would be representing who I was before the high school education system. It was not just the high school education system that I go bad, it was the media, the people around me and me. I did have the self-control to eat again but I forced myself to starve. I forced myself to starve multiple times but I forced myself to starve. I guess I should have got a sense of I do not know. I can’t be left alone with my mind. It will trick me, and force me to do things as if I don’t have the power to control it.


“leave the covering on for 2-6 hours, after 2-6 hours, carefully remove the covering.” Xavier eyes me as if he knows that I will not pay attention. He is good. “Gently wash the tattoo.” He weirdly does a hand motion on his back “Pat it dry with a light, soft towel.” He pats his back lightly. “Apply a non-scented, water based anti-bacterial ointment.” He goes over to the cupboard area and grabs a weird tube. He turns back and hands me over it “Use this. Continue to wash and moisturise the tattoo, at a minimum, twice a day until the scab is gone.” I nod at him but he stands up with a serious face, hovering me “Do not scratch or pick at your tattoo.” Oh no, the don’ts time. “Avoid soaking the tattoo. Do not expose your new tattoo to direct sunlight. Avoid tight-fitting clothes so no bras for you.” Yes, something useful about a back tattoo, no bras. I am going to let it all free. “No working out.” Yes, happy. “Avoid swelling so use an ice pack.”

“That all?” It still hurts but I fight through the pain.

Xavier nods “that is all so enjoy.” he pats the top of my head and goes back to the tattoo area. I stuff my bra and ointment cream into my bad. I am so glad that today is a cold day so I had to wear a jacket and a pretty thick shirt on to hide my nipples. So glad that I have small boobs. I get out of the tattoo parlour and onto the cold streets. It is currently only three in the afternoon and I can’t get back home because they will al be there. Archer and his sorry can be kicked in the face by me in heels. My phone buzzes and speak of the devil.

Archer: Where the f are you?

Getting a gun to shoot you in the head.

Dakota: Places. Why do you care?

Archer: I do not care, Charlie does

Dakota: She does not even know me so why does she care???

Archer: She cares because you are the guy’s friend so technically now, you are her bestie

That hurt. The fact that I am everyone else’s friend but not his, hurts. Why are we having a feud now?

Dakota: I already have a bestie

Archer: who? Me? Alec?

Dakota: Nope

Dakota: Myself

Archer: You live a sad life

Dakota: You have a sadder life without me in it

Archer: We are all having dinner tonight including you

Archer: It is at 7 pm at this fancy restaurant so wear formal clothing. You, Alec, Kyle and Chase are going together so be at your place by 5

Dakota: No, I have plans tonight


Archer: Doing what?

Dakota: I just have plans.

Dakota: I need to go. Bye

I turn off my phone, not wanting to message Archer. What can I do for a good 5 hours? Is there any amusement parks nearby? I continue walking along the sidewalk, more alone than ever. I need to find myself a new friend. Everyone around me looks so busy and productive. Tell me your secrets people! I think to myself, not paying attention to where I am going. I need comfort food or I am going to burst out crying. What is with me and crying lately?

I walk back to my car and get in. If I do make comfort food, who’s apartment can I go in to make it? I can’t go back to Alec and I’s there because of Charlie and stupid, dead, no brain, dickless, crush, future first victim when I want to kill someone, Archer. Maybe the store will already have some brownies, pudding, cookies, macarons, ice cream and fruit salad to even it all out. I turn on the car and drive to the store that Alec and I always go.

I really am an idiot. Why did I think that Archer and I would automatically be together after one stupid kiss? How can Archer get a girl less than 12 hours? Archer clearly said that he does not want a girlfriend to tie him down just like I said I never wanted to get marry and have kids. Okay, maybe I never want to have kids and get marry but I just want to make a point. However, how does a person get a girlfriend or boyfriend just like that? I guess last night was just some comfort kiss or something to make it seem like a seem from a book or movie. I really am the biggest idiot alive and I should not have told him anything and just told him I was just sad.

I grab a basket as I walk into the store. Okay, what did I need again? I need some brownies. I walk to the bakery section of the store for the chocolate brownies that I always beg Alec to let me buy but he always complains that I always buy too many unhealthy foods. Like it is only chocolate cake, pure sugar and some chips so let me buy my chocolate brownies, Alec. I am going to prance around Alec with some junk food tomorrow. Why do they call it junk food? It is not junk, it is fuel food.

I spot the last tray of chocolate brownies on the shelf. Oooh, come to Ma- Mama got beaten. As I grab the tray, another hand grabs the Tray. Oh hell no, I will burst out in tears if this person does not let go of this. I look up to the person who is about to be punched in the face by my fist.

However, this boy can’t be punch because I do not want to ruin his beautiful face. His face is so lovely and model like. He has those dark blue eyes that everyone dreams about at one point in their lifetime. He has the softest looking hair that I want to touch; long on the top, short on the sides. He has those freshly done eyebrows that I want every boy to have but that would bore if every boy had gorgeous eyebrows. The boy in front of me has the greatest facial features ever and he is also wearing a short sleeved top exposing his a peek of his tattoos. Not going to lie but this boy is so much better looking compared to Archer. Just saying.

I swallow the lump of saliva forming in my mouth “Get your hands off my brownies.” I give him a ‘get your hands off my babies or I will be the reason why you can’t produce babies’. He catches onto my face and his face hardens to which I probably think means ‘Do that and I will sue your farmer’ I think I read that wrong.

“No, I grabbed these first.” He lies to me. You are lucky you are hot or else I would have kicked you five seconds ago. I think to myself. Hopefully. “Did you just call me hot?” He smiles that beautiful smile of his that I have never seen before. Wait, I just said he is hot out loud, well shit.

“umm no.” I look around and pull the brownie towards me even more. I am going to have these brownies no matter what.

He laughs and pulls the brownies towards him more “I am Alx.” He holds his other hand out.

I let go of the brownie box and shake his “Dakota.” I smile back at him but he laughs. He catches the weird look on my face, he lifts up the brownie box with my hand, not on it. “Well, shit.”

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