Darker side of things volume 1

By Gary Williams All Rights Reserved ©

Horror / Fantasy


Enter the world of the darker side of things where all your nightmares come true. These short stories are dark and terrifying. Enter at your own risk. (I'm not reponisable for nightmares or ruining your favorite childhood story I don't recomend reading this under eighteen, DISCLAIMER(s) : I am not reponsible for any devlopment of nightmares or fears and/or mental sicknesses or mental scaring. Also this my first book so only positive feed back will be welcome. Also this picture is NOT mine nor do have or make any claim on this picture I give all credit to the maker.


I used like camping. I used go to the moutains that was near my house. Well one day I packed my bags and like ever other day that I went camping I got into my car but something was off something couldn't quiet place with this so I just thought I missed something when I was packing but no everthing was packed so I just thought I missed what day it was but no nothing special about today. WHY CAN'T I REMEMBER!?!?! Okay just calm down, I'm just going to go to the moutains and enjoy today. So I got to the moutains and there was this woman no more than twenty-one maybe less.

I had this urge just to take her so I did. I grabbed my gun and loaded it and pressed against her head. I could she shaking so baddly it just made it all the more fun. So I said "take off your pants" and as her pants dropped I then said "take off the rest of it" and she did and boy did she look good her breasts were quiet good. So with the gun still pointed at her went for my rope and tied her hands and feet up.

And made her go and bend over my hood of my car and thurst deep inside of her again and again for over two days and then fangs descended and bit her neck and sucked her dry. Oh how good her blood tasted. After that I chopped her up and burned her and then dumped her the pond and best thing yet was that she was a virgin. I used to like camping but now I love It.

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