The Spirit

By Angel Nightwell All Rights Reserved ©

Horror / Fantasy


As hard as it is to be a teenager imagen if your life was taken from you without a second thought. This happened to a young girl now she is trapped inside of her own house forced to wait until she is allowed to leave or she forces herself through the portal. Unlike the other ghosts she clings to the idea that maybe one day she could be human again, its been years and as most of the ghost would start changing into something evil she clung to the idea of being a good soul. Although a demon comes in and might change her ideas of what living really is, could she fall in love with something evil when she would be so good? There isn't a reason why she should have to be a good soul she was shot to death, her family abandoned the home they raised her in and now she is forced to watch a family grow up much like her own. Could this taint a good soul or could she pull through and accept she isn't a human

Chapter One

Being dead was seriously boring, being dead as a teenager was also very irritating I craved some company but inside of this house I was only met by older ghosts and sometimes little kids who were trapped here along with me since this home that I was in was a portal to the spirit world. There weren’t many people who stayed here longer than a year because of some of the people that wondered these halls wanted to harm them, where I just enjoyed seeing them live since I wouldn’t be able to have those experiences. There was a new family moving in and I could tell they had a little girl by the way they painted my old room bright pink and had toys put up neatly along the shelves and some kids clothes in the closet. After a while I decided to wander around the house ignoring the different ghosts trying to mess with some of the family's stuff, growing irritated at their antics I made my way over to the older man with slick black hair and a knife sticking out of his throat

“Do you ever get tired of doing the same thing constantly” I gritted rubbing my temple

The man leaned down with a sinister grin on his face his bright blue eyes changing tint to a bright red. This was his way to scare the other ghosts who didn’t want to deal with his shit, he was going to hell eventually this always happened if someone turns bad their spirit turns evil and they get dragged down to hell even if this house wants us to be stuck sometimes even the most sinister things have wiggle room. The man grabbed onto my shirt lifting me up off the ground, the man beside him turned away and started making his way into the little girl's room

“Listen you aren’t a perfect little princess Anna stop ruining our fun” the man hissed dropping me to the ground

I let out a booming laugh this house seemed to shake by my sudden change of emotions as my eyes tingled probably changing into a bright white showing my purity. Each ghost had an eye color that showed how they were, Red was evil and sinister, White was pure but wicked, black was demonic, Silver was completely good and angelic. The man was right I wasn’t sure I would harm a person who tried to harm this house or anyone inside of it, even the ghosts knew not to mess with a family if I had gotten attached to them especially the children. When the house settled I turned and made my way downstairs where I could hear the family laughing

“How are you liking the new house honey?” a woman's voice cooed

“Really pretty momma, when is daddy going to come home?” a little girl giggled

“He will be home in the morning” the woman's voice chuckled.

As I made my way into the kitchen, I could see a shadow standing in the corner and I felt unsettled by the way it stared at the family, it was just lingering as if watching and waiting for the perfect moment to strike. As I mustered up the courage I walked into the kitchen the figure started to come into a human shape and it looked to be a woman in her late twenties blood coating her face and her bright black eyes burning holes at me

“you should go, demons aren’t welcome here” I whispered

The woman cocked her head to the side and laughed and moved her hand to one of the glass plates and slammed it to the floor. Watching as the two girls jumped I frowned and walked over to the demonic figure

“Interesting a teenager thinking she can stop me a demon if you didn’t want us here why didn’t you close the portal” the woman laughed while walking into the halls

I followed behind slowly and put my hands on my hips a grunt of annoyance following behind. There was a problem I had with demons and that was their egos they thought they were hot shit all the time rather than being normal they were the imbodiement of evil and tinted all the spirits around them. There wasn’t a priest here to close the portal or an angel to help temporarily stop the flow of spirits inside of the house and none of us could contact them because of this house they had to find us on their own

“you can’t close a portal if you are just a normal spirit, now can I be blessed with your name” I growled as we walked up the stairs.

There was a quiet purr that left the woman's lips as she sat down on the staircase her arms crossed I could now see she was in a long black dress that covered up to her ankles with laced designs there were scars littering her body most likely from hells torture something most demons had in common aside from the newer ones. The woman crossed her legs looking up to me

“Kathrine a demonic presence to make your life a living hell and taint your beautiful soul” Kathrine giggled

“Annabeth but people call me Anna, let’s make one thing clear Kath you don’t touch any of these people, you will not lay a finger on their hairs and you will not and I repeat will not get to me do you understand” I leaned against the rail being careful not to fall through taking some of the energy from the house.

The light seemed to flicker and I saw Kathrine with a smirk on her face her brown eyes seemed to darken but she didn’t change to black standing up she dusted off her dress and looked me up and down

“For now I will not as I need to find a place to get comfortable, or as comfortable as a dead person can get, and keep in mind dear Anna you are dead so don’t play house with the living it only hurts you” Kathrine purred and grabbed onto my hand.

The cold and dark sensation washed over me as I had to relive the memories of my death

Walking through the park a man stumbled over to me with a glass bottle in his hands, the wind whipped through my hair as a storm approached. I tried to walk faster but the man grabbed onto my hand spinning me around to face him, the man looked in his mid-forties and breath that burned my nostrils

“Hello pretty lady” he giggled touching my Auburn hair

Slapping it away I reached for the pocket knife that I always carried and the man frowned clearly angry. Taking a step back I looked at my surroundings and saw that we were in the middle of the sidewalk the moon was shining down on us and cars rarely passed by but none decided to stop

“You need to leave” I commanded with anger in my voice my hand latched onto the blade

“Aw don’t be like that lets just have some fun” the man purred and tried to take a step closer to me

I shook my head in disgust and pulled out my knife keeping it pointed at him as I walked backward in the way of my house the man looked furious at this point as the wind whipped past us the rain immediately slamming against the pavement. The man growled but I took this as a chance to run, turning around I took off in the direction of the house the thick air coating my lungs along with the cold breeze making it harder to breathe as I ran but the sound of a gunshot echoed in the air like a horrible dream I wasn’t sure what had happened until I reached for my stomach feeling the exit wound as thick blood coated my fingers. The sound of shoes against the pavement was echoing through my ears as the man ran away my body collapsing onto the ground.

The demon laughed as I was brought out of the memory, all of my energy completely gone I wasn’t aware of how long she had kept me trapped in how I was murdered. I had allowed my mind to wonder back into when I first woke up back in the home, I had heard my mother sobbing and there were strange men wondering around the halls all looking at me with grins as if I was a new toy for them to play with. I had made my way down the stairs where there were two officers in the doorway talking to my sobbing mom who was being held by the officers

“Anna?” a voice called out of me bringing me out of my thoughts

I looked up and saw the older gentlemen named Henry who had been the fatherly figure to me giving me a conserned smile. Looking around I noticed that Kathrine had gone and Henry had taken her palce, I gave him a small smile while allowing myself to come down from the storm of different emotions

“Hey it’s okay” Henry tried to make me feel better by placing his hand on the middle of my back

“I know I just need a few moments to calm down I might head to my room” I frowned

“want me to walk with you?” Henry offered with a warm smile

“No thank you, how is Margett doing?” I asked

Margrett was his wife that had passed away not to long ago and is still adjusting to being a ghost they planned to cross over together once Margrett was doing better and able to control herself and they would go through the portal to a place where they could cross over rather than being trapped here and losing the pureness that they each had held. Henry shifted uncomfortably but let out a small laugh that made the sadness in my heart go away as he leaned forward to whisper in my ear

“She is doing well we plan on crossing over tonight” Henry giggled like a school girl

I turned around and wrapped my arms around him happily. There was a happiness that went through the house even with the demon the joy of someone wanting to cross over took something away from us it made us feel like there was something other than watching the living come and go while we stand still unable to actually live. There was nothing for us to eat and nothing for us to touch that belonged to the human world without us taking energy from inside of the house that scared the humans more. Though the thing I was happy about is I could be a kids imagenary friend and teach them good things about how to live and make them live life to the fullest until they grew older or moved away. When Henry and I pulled away I could see the wrinkles on his skin upwards with his smile, his eyes were the same shade as mine and almost on the verge of being silver, there was no doubt in my mind that this man would be an angel

“When you cross over promise me something” I hummed happily

“Anything Annabear” he joked using my nickname that he had given me on the first day that I was here

“Don’t forget about me” I didn’t want to be forgotten.

That even in my human life was my fear, my family tried to stay here but they didn’t last long they had always stayed in my room and forgotten about their health they had tried to contact me using an Ouija board but I could see the different spirits wrapping themselves around my family as they sobbed. Henry was the one at the board he pushed past all the other spirits and allowed me to speak to them through him one last time but I told them to leave rather than kill themselves and some of the spirits had the opportunity to scare them away and I allowed it. When Henry grabbed onto my hand I looked down at the floor but his fingers were now on my chin forcing my face to look up

“I won’t forget you I will return whenever I can and we can cross back over together” Henry smiled

“You know I can’t cross over I am trapped here” I frowned

“you will be able to eventually I promise” He chuckled and kissed the top of my head pushing me in the direction of my room.

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