In The Walls

By Dakota Kirkpatrick All Rights Reserved ©

Horror / Thriller


On the brink of divorce after the death of his daughter Alan Winters is in search of new beginning as he struggles to keep his son in his life and mourning the loss of his daughter and marriage. He sets out to get a new home with the help of his friend, but the beginning he finds in this new home quickly spirals out of control leaving him in a fight for both his sanity and his life.

chapter 1



The long deafening beep of the machine floats through the air as Alan Winters stares at the cold white tiled floor, rain drops gently splashing to the floor, falling from the bottom of his long trench coat. Nurses and doctors scramble through the small room frantically while barking orders. Alan holds his gaze to the floor unable to bear looking up at the bed where his daughter Haley lies lifeless. Tears cloud his eyes, but he is unable to move, frozen in a nightmare.

The thunder roars outside, but Alan can’t hear it, can’t feel its vibration as it rumbles under his feet. Everything has gone still as if the world had hit the pause button, holding him here trapped in a single moment forever.

Amy, his wife, screams and cries to Alan, but the words never make it to his ear. A doctor walks by gently placing a hand on Alans shoulder shaking his head. The room falls silent as the occupants flee, scattering like sheep when a wolf is near. After what feels like an eternity Alan glances up at his daughter, her once joyous face has grown pale. Scratches and bruises are scattered around her face.

Her eyes are closed and for a moment Alan just wants to pretend she is sleeping and will wake at any moment, though the pit that has taken residence in his stomach reminds him otherwise. Alan grabs at his chest, unable to breathe as Amy throws herself over Haley’s body. Alan turns stumbling his way from the room into the long hallway. The bright glow of the lights blinds his clouded eyes as he collapses along the walls onto the floor coiling his body up.

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