Cross over stories: infected

By Legendslost13 All Rights Reserved ©

Horror / Drama


I’ve been surviving this apocalypse for two years now, I remember it like it was yesterday, my graduation was the day all hell broke loose. I don’t want to talk about it. Right now, I have a base camp in Indiana, I don’t have friends not anymore, no family. The only thing I have is me, and music. I live alone, I’ve been surviving hell my entire life. Okay, well right now with driving, into a town called riverdale? Interesting, blockades broken into bits and shards. I continued my journey, I seen a few zombies in the apocalypse there’s no law. Just don’t do what I do

world to the unknown

Chris’s pov

I looked over to see hale, she was pale as a sheet, I ran to her, and said, “ hale, speak.” She had a faint voice, “ Chris?” I said, “ hey it’s alright. We’re okay, you’ll be fine.” She is like a sister to me, and I don’t want to lose her, we all have a special place in our beating hearts for her, and she is family to us. She looked to me, with the stare of defeat in her slowly fading eyes, “ change me.” I couldn’t, Ricky came over and said, “ how is she?” I said, staring to hale, “ she’s losing a ton of blood.” He looked to me, “ we have to. Chris she’s dying.”

Part 1:prologue

I looked Ricky in the eyes and he had a defining stare screaming at me, I looked to hale, “ I can’t do it.” I couldn’t. Ricky said, “ Chris either you do it or I do.” I couldn’t

Hale’s pov

I looked to Ricky and he said, “ Hale you sure?” I faintly squeaked out, “ I am becoming a corpse Ricky.” He picked me up so I was sitting. He leaned towards me, I felt frozen chills fall down my spine, my half beating heart racing from what’s left. He moved my head a little, and neared more, then I felt a sharp pierce, I let out a scream that was once a voice. I felt my energy deplete, and hearing the blood rushing through my human veins. I shut my eyes with fear and what was left of my sanity. After a while he pulled away and sunk his fangs into his wrist, then moved. It towards me. I looked to him and he had my blood dripping down, the sides of his mouth, and the enlarged canines.

This was the end of my human life, and soon to be an enteral one. I will never be the same. I just need to say, I am sorry trey.

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