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Haunted: Of which were never to be disturbed. Living in the tale of time was an old mansion forgotten at the end of the countryside accompanied by the deep dark woods. For a long time, no one had ever visited Bridge mansion or the forest because of fear and its history. Home from college was three girls who practically grew up in the countryside but never went there nor ever heard about the mansion because their parents were careful not to let the adventurous girls know about it. However, on the same night, they came home, they went for a ride with their horses and stumbled upon the mansion by mistake; or... was it a mistake?

Chapter 1

The November breeze chilled Katie, Lucy, and Emily alike. Though it was only a mild chill, Lucy couldn’t handle the cold anymore. Thus, they were forced to end their fun in the swimming pool and went marching in buzzingly, except Lucy who was shivering badly, for a game of cards.

“Brr...it sure is a cold day, today!” Lucy exclaimed with clattering teeth.

“Oh, Lucy, you are one cold bird if I have to say,” Em said, never hesitating to show her mocking displeasure.

Being a soft bird like her mother, Lucy never felt hurt by what her best friends said. Rather, she would smile; especially if it was coming from Emily. She would keep the irritating smirk on her face, making it look like she was trying to irk Emily; which always worked. Em being the wild tomboy was always easy to rile up. And the bickering was soon pushed into the court of Katie, who was more likely the mature version of the two including herself; having a solution for all the problems.

If a storm could wreck mayhem, that wouldn’t have been able to destroy the charm belted around the trio to split their strong bond of intimate friendship.

These three were inseparable from day one.

What more to say? Lydia, Katherine, and Christie were fully pregnant and was expecting their babies on different dates of March. And if this is not a miracle, then I don’t know what is; because on March twenty-second, three charming girls were born with only minutes differences as if triplets to the ladies.

Quickly enough these miracle babies were the talk of the countryside.

Livinggood mansion belonging to Conard Livinggood; the eldest of the living Livinggood family, housed three separate distant family members who were at first scattered across the famous vineyard- Blue Hills; a small countryside in Rosings County.

It happened as such; on a particular Thanksgiving, Conard had his last wish for Julian and Peter; distant cousins of Patrick to settle in their ancestral family mansion which sat on a whopping seven hundred acres of land which belonged solely to his son Patrick.

Thus, Julian and his wife Katherine settled with Patrick and Lydia immediately after the offer because they were broke after Patrick’s business floundered. And a few months later, following Julie’s second miscarriage, she decided she needed a scene change. Thus she persuaded Peter to go live with Patrick.

And that’s how they all bundled up in the old Livinggood mansion couple of years before the miracle girls happened.

Patrick, Charles, and Denver after Conrad’s demise, mingled and cross-linked their ideas in business and trading, which gradually triumphed making them richer by time. Love linked them together to settle as a family and lured them to bring out traces of success which flourished and made their name mightier than it was.

And once the trio was born into Livinggood house, all miracles broke loose upon them. But like the old saying goes, too much happiness might be tested by Lord Almighty.

However, they didn’t know it then- when the Livinggood family laughed and cheered in merriment at the arrival of their bundle of happiness.

Time will tell the tale.

The tale of the three Livinggood girls.

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