Don't be scared of the dark

By mystery_mia All Rights Reserved ©

Horror / Thriller


Willow has always remembered seeing the woman in the dark. Ever since she was four years old.

Chapter 1

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I hear the shouts through the thin walls of the apartment and I feel the tears start to fall down my face. I sit up from the couch and I look down at the tattered pajamas that I am forced to wear, as I am about to go back to sleep I hear something hit the wall and I jump from fright. I decide to get up and grab some water. As I walk to the kitchen quietly I have a feeling something is off.

I decide to ignore it and just continue on and just go and grab water. I grab my stool in the corner and then I walk to the counter and I set it by the counter. I climb onto the counter and grab the cup I had from earlier however, as I go to get down I lose my footing and I slip off the counter. I squeeze my eyes try and prepare myself to hit the ground and then I realize that I’m not hitting the ground. I look and then I realize I’m on the counter and a woman with black hair and stormy grey eyes is looking back at me with a smile.

I smile and as I go out to touch her my mother and father come running into the room. “Willow!” My mom shouts and I cower with fear and I look towards the woman realizing she isn’t there and I frown. My mom grabs me from the counter and sets me down on the floor “Mommy! Mommy! Dih you seee the lady?” I say with excitement “Willow! You do realize you could’ve gotten hurt!” My mom scolds me ignoring my previous comment.

I start to cry since I’m being scolded. “I’m sowwy mommy.” I say with tears falling down my face and my mothers face softens. “Its okay, Willow.” She says softly and then she picks me up and turns off the lights. As I look I see a quick glance of the woman. I realize as my mom sets me down on the couch that she isn’t leaving and she’s always going to be there. She’s going to be my protector for the rest of my life and she won’t let anything bad happen to me.

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