DeeDee and the Maezo of the Woods

By AJC All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Children

Chapter 1

DeeDee Zimmerman from Ohio, remembered living with her parents well. They were kind, loving, and brought joy to her face. She remembered what it felt being in their sight. It seemed to be paradise in a ball. However, when she dreamt of those two, all that seemed to come into her mind was the day it all ended, three years ago, when they had both died in a car crash.

After that, she was forced to live in a small town with her Aunt Breanne and Uncle Eddie. She was taken on their farm, but more as a slave than as a niece; feeding animals and loading things heavier than herself, even on Christmas, and Easter.

Her Uncle Eddie was a savage of the worst kind. He was always angry and would bicker about every little thing. Mostly because the farm that he had looked at in awe as a young man, was barely keeping him afloat with money. This was mostly his own fault. But, he refused to believe that. Instead, he blamed it on his wife, his niece, the entrepreneurs, or the universe in general. For he saw himself, as superior to all other men, in his own delusional world.

Her Aunt Breanne, was a little better, she clearly tried to be a good parent. However, she also had absolutely no idea how to raise a child, of any kind. Breanne was seemingly intelligent, but at the same time was silenced by her husband. Every time she tried to voice her opinion, he slapped her.

Mostly DeeDee remembered her for her constant usage for foul language. As well as for constantly drinking and smoking, to the point where piles of cigarette packs and bottles of alcohol was all she saw in her house.

Before DeeDee lived with her Uncle and Aunt, she was very much an optimist. Even when her parents died, she did her best to look on the good side of things.

But the farm, the violence, the smell of smoke, the stains of alcohol, and the death, all forces beyond her control, changed her.

One day in the month of June, DeeDee woke up from her bed made up of four bales of straw.

Waking up was easily the most disappointing part of the day. For every day she would dream of dying, and the beginning of a reunion. Yet she was doomed to only wake up in the exact opposite.

“I am going to try and get through this,” DeeDee said to herself. “I have the strength, intelligence, and the diligence to go through this.”

DeeDee went down the stairs to the old hallway leading towards the living room. In which, Eddie immediately began screaming about his first world problems; even though he had far worse problems to deal with.

That arrogant fool, I just wanna…calm down DeeDee, he’s only an old man disgraced of himself, DeeDee thought without shame.

She then went into the kitchen to look for something to eat for breakfast. The cupboards that would naturally have food in them, mostly had packs of cigarettes, and bottles of whisky and vodka as replacements.

DeeDee took a half-way rotten apple to eat, cut the rotten half to give to the pigs, and ate the small fraction she could find and bear with.

DeeDee then walked towards her uncle’s wood for some fresh air. The fresh oxygen was a sense of relief, and the trees ever since she lived there became her only friends. In school, for her different opinions and upbringing, she was constantly ridiculed. So she had no friends, except the trees, which never judged her, wouldn’t, nor for that matter could, harm her.

She would sit there and meditate in any ounce of free time. Sometimes she would stay for hours in the night. It was like the park in her hometown she loved so much. Just more secluded.

“DeeDee!” Her Uncle Eddie screamed. “GET OVER HERE YOU MORONIC PIECE OF TRASH!”

DeeDee stubbornly walked to the old barn. Trying to calm herself and keep herself in check from snapping at him.

Her uncle was near the cow’s water tank. “How can I help you?” DeeDee said in a store-greeter’s tone.

“DeeDee, why is there no water in this tank?” Uncle Eddie said with the voice of false optimism.

“Obviously because they drank all of the water,” DeeDee said in her neutral voice.

“Then how come you did not refill it?!” Eddie blew up.

“Because I have just now been here,” DeeDee said continuing to be in her neutral state.

“Bull-crap!” Eddie said with his voice as firm as a dictator. “You are to come here, first thing, every morning to check these guys! For you owned by this farm, by these animals, and above all, by me! Do you understand?”

“Yes, Uncle Eddie,” DeeDee said under her breath ready to beat him to pieces.

“And another thing, from now on, you call me father,” Eddie declared.

That was the last straw. She never saw him as a father. Never had, never would. And to now be forced to call him that, the thief would not get away with that above all things.

She then took a hollow stick and whacked him across the face with it. Taking all of her hate, anger, and all negative emotions she had of her wicked Uncle, and transferring it to force strong enough to make the thick-skinned alpha-male bleed.

Uncle Eddie took his finger upon the injury to see what it caused. And saw the red liquid stain his torn hands. He then lowered his eyebrows and smiled whispering, “You’re gonna pay for that.”

Eddie went brutally bombastic. And began to chase DeeDee. In fear, she ran into their woods. Running more than most ever run in their lifetime.

However, as she ran in the forest, DeeDee tripped over a root of a tree. And as she lifted her face up swiftly from the ground, she saw the most mysterious thing. It looked like a man that wore a long, purple hood and cape, but he was levitating in the air.

“It is I! The Maezo of these woods! Who are you? And why do you enter my presence!?” said The Maezo with a calm but powerful voice.

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