Rose of the Moon

By LaviniaZero All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 1

My name is Rosalyn Luna Myers. I’m sixteen years old. On the day of my seventeenth birthday I would come of age and return to the moon to take on my birthright as the Princess of the Moon. I was never told about who I was, plus I always hated that my adopted brother for going everywhere with me. I was never alone, but I was glad I had him for a brother. When it was three months before my seventeenth birthday someone claiming to be my protector and little did we know we were soul mates.

Two and a half months before my seventeenth birth

Not realizing my brother was in the room, I tried astral projecting like Nani told me the day before.

“Wake up Rose!” yelled my brother trying to wake me up.

“Nino, let me try” my protector said walking in the room, then going over to my bed and sitting next to me. “Luna I know the sun’s out, but you need to wake up. We have things to do today, please help me.”

“Do you have to be so loud, I was astral projecting Nani” I said opening my eyes, and smiling as I seen my protector sitting next to me.

“I should have known you were little one” Nani said.

My brother walks out of the room, not wanting to see me and Nani flirt with each other any longer.

“Once I return to the moon we can’t be together anymore Nani. I don’t want to go if I can’t be with you.” I said, as tears start to fall down my face.

“Please don’t cry Lun.” Nani said laying down beside me trying his best to calm me down.

After about 20 minutes of crying, I lay my head on Nani’s shoulder. As soon as I did lay my head on his shoulder, his arm wrapped around me, making me smile.

“Let’s go practice some more moon magic. If I’m going to be the moon princess, I gotta know how to use my powers right Nani?” I asked.

“You should, you know if you ask I’ll do just about anything for you and you know that My little Moon Rose.” he said knowing any time he called me ‘his little moonrose,’ I would smile.

“I know Nani.” I said smiling.

After a few hours of practicing my moon magic, and Nani going easy on me, he taught me how to use my astral projection while fighting someone or something.

“Never knew astral projecting could be so fun.” I said projecting behind him as we were practicing.

“Do you always have to do that Luna?” he asked turning just as I returned to my body.

“Over here Nani” I said.

“Are you done doing that?” he asked me, as he walked over to me.

“Can I have my sister back now?” my brother said as walked in the room we were practicing in.

“Sure, but remember I have to be with her, watching her at all times. Other wises someone could come and try to kidnap her if they knew who she was” Nani said taking my hand protectively and lovingly.

“If you send him away, you better be sending me to” I said squeezing his hand.

“You know I would never send you away Rose.” my brother said, trying to be nice.“You better not,I’m the only one who can protect her” Nani said letting go of my hand to wrap his arm around my shoulder.

“Are you two together?” asked someone who just appeared in the room.

Nani pushed me behind him protectively “Stay where you are!” yelled Nani.

“Why are you acting like that? You know she is to become my bride after she is crowned.” The visitor said.

“That’s not true, I am able to see the future, and I have seen my daughter soul mate is Nanilyn here is her soulmate, he’ll be the one marries not you.” A older version of me appears.

“My queen” Nani said bowing to her.

“Nani is she my birth mother?” I asked digging my head in his back as he stood back up.

“Yes she is, my moon rose.” Nani said pulling me around him to hug me.

“Hello, mother” I said not knowing really what to do, before I dig my head in Nani’s chest.

“I told you Nani, she won’t even know me when she sees me. I should have never sent her away.” my mother, the moon queen said.

“He would have found her if you didn’t my lady.” Nani said.

“I’m right here. If you are going to talk like I’m not here, I’m just gonna go.” I said, as tears start to form and fall “And here I thought I was your only lady Nani.”

“Luna please don’t cry. If you feel that way I’ll just go” the moon queen said.

“Don’t call me that. You lost your chance of calling me my true name be giving me up. My name is Rosalyn.” I said hugging Nani.

“I see, I’ll find some way to make it up to you my daughter.” she said leaving. Just as she left a necklace appeared around my neck.
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