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Valentina Black has lived her entire life by the laws of her pack, she has known no other life but the one she has grown up in. But the day she decides to betray the pack is the day her life is thrown away and she becomes the prey of the predators residing on Barbaro Mountain.


Howls of wolves who’ve scented the fleeing female ring throughout the air, heavy paws slam against soft earth, they rush towards the one who dares to run. No one escapes the mountain that has been named the territory of Gurren Black.

The jaws of lethal wolves are at her feet, no mercy will be shown to her, the word mercy doesn’t exist in this pack or any of the sort. Another round of howls to alert the rest they are on her tail, they alert the rest of her location but she is close, so close to the edge of their territory. And once she crosses that line she’s safe, they won’t chase her once she’s crossed that line because they’ll need to wait for orders.

No one crosses into no man’s land without the alpha’s permission. It strips away the bond between wolf, leader, and pack. Instantly.

Teeth snap at hind legs, nipping flesh but not encasing it, she’s so close. Her eyes are on the goal, fifty, forty, thirty, twenty, ten. Her body is over the border and instantly her insides twist in agony wolf skin retreats. Her bones break and shrink to those of human bones, fur withdraws into thick flesh and leaves skin an angry flushed red for a few seconds while she curls up into a fetal position.

The sound of others shifting from wolf to human skin is sickening to her ears but at the same time, it has her forcing herself to her feet. She doesn’t know whether to put her hands against her head or her chest to try and cradle the pain that she feels from the tearing of the pack bond.

“No one leaves the pack,” Everyone stands naked, wild eyes watch a female who stands as tall as she can. She has the scars that every member of the pack does, three on each cheek made with silver. They all start at the edge of her lips, stretching out to the sides of her face, the lowest one stops just by her earlobes and the highest stops just past her eyes right on her temples. “You and I both know the Alpha will start a hunt.”

She watches them, eyeing the matching scar every wolf gets, the very first of the scars is given after the first shift. She remembers each time she was cut, the sting of silver and the burning pain as it healed, she remembers how long they took to heal. “Say something, you coward!” The beta is the one who is shouting the words out, the three other warriors watch silently, this is a sister to them.

“I am no coward, Denny.” She stands with confidence, there is no slouch to her shoulders as she faces her pack mates. “He can start a hunt,” She sneers the words out, fingers curl into fists, the sound of more wolves coming has her taking a step back. “He can start a hunt but every wolf that comes will have their heads ripped from their shoulders,” More of her pack mates are here, shifting into skin form, none of them is their alpha. “And I will put their heads on a stick and line them up at the border, you and I both know that I am capable of worse than that.”

The beta takes a step forward, he is close to crossing that line. “You better run as fast as you can, Valentina.” Her family has become her enemy. “Because we show no mercy to those who-”

“You should get back to him,” She dares not to address the alpha as who he truly is. “I’d advise you all to walk and not run,” She can’t help the grin full of lethal teeth to her former pack. It aches to show violence but there is no mercy in this life. “Because he’s going to be enraged that you failed, failure is unacceptable.”

It is her dearest friend who takes a step forward, the rancid smell of rage reeks the air and it is particularly thick around her. “As soon as the order is given I will stop at nothing.” Females who once loved each other must now throw that love aside, hate is the only thing that can be shown. “So run.” Adalaine’s words are a whisper but everyone hears them.

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