The Love Of A Werewolf

By Igot Bangtan7 All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance


Every time our eyes locked, my heart was alive, like it had never been before. Like I never lived for real until I met him. Every time we were near each other, I felt and saw sparks all around me. His distinguished eyes, his unusual fragrance, his inhumane strong body, everything about him attracted me. I couldn't touch him, hoewer, I couldn't even approach him because he wasn't mine. He belonged to someone else. He already had a mate. But I couldn't stop loving and adoring that stubborn white wolf which seemed he couldn't stay without me either. His blue eyes would trap me each time. The link between us would grow stronger day by day and I was clueless why was that.


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Winner at thefictionawards as Best Fan fiction 2018
Winner at the Global Fiction Awards as The Enchantment of the Season.
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I never believed in fairy tales. I never believed that vampires or werewolves existed. I didn’t even believe in Santa Claus, The Tooth fairy or The Easter bunny, not even as a child.

That was until I met him, the one who changed my life, taught me about friendship, trust, sacrifice and love.

Every time our eyes locked, my heart was alive, like it had never been before. Like I never lived for real until I met him.

Every time we were near each other, I felt and saw sparks all around me. His distinguished eyes, better described as hues, his unusual fragrance, his inhumane strong body, everything about him attracted me.
I couldn’t touch him, hoewer, I couldn’t even approach him because he wasn’t mine. He belonged to someone else.

He already had a mate.

He’s a werewolf, yes, and when they find their mate, the bond is unbreakable.
I’m sure you all know or have heard about what having a mate means.

No one can separate them. No one can break the solid, strong connection between them.

They can feel each other like they are one. They can’t live without each other.

It’s as if since birth they are marked, destined to be together for eternity.

Because of that, I had to stay away.
If only i had known from the start that I had no chance, maybe I would have never approached him in the first place, just maybe.

How did I meet him? It was the day that I moved at my father’s house.

My mother and father divorced years ago, and they lived far away from one another.
My mom remarried and until now I had stayed with them, in America.
At 19 years old, I wanted to move in with my father. I loved my mother but, i couldn’t stand her husband. He was a good man I guess, he never failed her and he loved my mother very much. But I guess we just couldn’t get along. I didn’t know why.
And it wasn’t only about the guy she was living with. As much as I loved my mother, i never felt that she loved me back. She was always cold and I felt all the time an outsider.
I thought that maybe, moving away from America and to Seoul, Korea, I would feel more like home, a feeling I didn’t experience with my mother. Maybe with my father around I would not feel lonely anymore. Let’s just say that I needed to feel wanted by someone.

I was searching for something to fill the emptiness that was always present inside my heart.

After finishing the first year, i changed universities and entered for my second year in one of the most prestigious universities of South Korea. Of course, everyone already knew each other and obviously, they would recognize a new face when they saw it, i wasn’t very happy about it. A definite pain.

It was just like that, my first day was horrible. I was like the new shiny little toy that everyone wanted to play with and I had to smile and be friendly, something I never was good at. I always liked to be alone. I always had problems in making friends. I never was good at it. I simply never felt the need to have someone near me.

Many times my mother had told me that I was ‘too wild’, i guess she was right. I couldn’t change that fact, It’s how I’d always been.

But everything was about to change when my eyes locked with a pair of dark, warm and mysterious eyes. It was just for a second because he averted his eyes but, it was enough for me to instantly be drawn to him.

I had a sudden urge to know more.

“Who is he?” I asked a girl named Luna, who was sitting next to me, with whom i already exchanged a few words with when introducing ourselves.

“That’s Jungkook, a word of advice, stay away from him. He’s dangerous” she muttered as she adjusted her glasses.

“Why?” I pouted, my eyes still fixed on the boy that was sitting at his desk on the opposite side of the classroom, alone. It was weird. He was the only one sitting alone and I suddenly felt sorry that I didn’t claim the spot beside him.

“Rumours. I don’t know if they’re real or not but, it’s better if you’re cautious,” she shrugged and flashed a dazzling smile. She didn’t once look at him, however.

As for me, my eyes were shameless still glued to him. And why not? He didn’t seem to notice so it was alright. This way I had plenty of time to scan every inch of that perfect body. He was wearing dark clothing and a blank expression, but he definitely held the title of the most attractive boy I had ever seen in my entire life.

He had dark hair, a little ruffled like someone had just ran their fingers through it. And his eyes, oh, his eyes were something else. They were deep, endless and captivating, even now I couldn’t forget how I’d felt when he looked directly into my own eyes.

His seat was right next to the window,
to which his undivided attention was being given to, not the slightest care being given to what was happening around him.

He seemed so alone.

“What about those rumours?” I asked Luna, suddenly wanting to know more about this mysterious boy.

“I heard that he killed someone, so many girls that approach him, disappear... ”

“...without a trace.”


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