The Devil's Angel

By roseblake7007 All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance


The world had been divided into two different worlds: Angels’ and Devils’. Separated by a single, translucent, indestructible, black curtain, the either sides hated each other with great passion. No one could enter the other world without let’s say someone’s permission. Micah being the heir of Angels’ world and Amon being the heir of the Devils’ world stumble across one another one day. The fate takes a turn as they both fall for each other. First they hated each other as it was meant to be but people's feelings change, so did theirs. Will they rule their kingdom? Will they ever be together? Will they break the rules? Will they forget each other? Who knows? Will they be able to be with each other or will a war start, destroying everything?

Chapter 1

“Wake up Princess Micah.” Lilah, the head of the kingdom said shaking Micah.

“Just one more minute...” Micah said lazily and put her face in the pillow.

“Wake up already.” Someone smacks her head as she opens her eyes and looks up to see her brother Cael.

“Can you get out of my room dear brother?” she asks sitting up.

“I won’t.” he smirks as he sits on the stool near her table.

“You are the prince, at least behave like one.” Micah says as she sits up, stretching.

Her silver hair glistening in the sunlight, her wings purely white.

“You are the princess, try being like one Micah.” He says smirking his wings yellow.

Cael was adopted by Micah’s mother: Seraphina and father: Michael as they found him alone in the woods.

Even though he was adopted, he was given the same amount of love as Micah and they both had the best brother-sister relationship, even though both of them annoyed each other.

“Now please take your body out of my room, I have to change.” She says throwing a pillow at him.

Cael exits the room his wings turning cream.

“I know I am boring.” Micah says to herself as she gets dressed and goes down.

“Please Lilah call me Micah, no need to call me princess.” She says smiling at Lilah.

“But you are the heir of the kingdom.”

“I am just 16 and brother Cael can-.”

She is cut off by Cael shouting “I don’t want to...”

She sigh and walks down the stairs pulling her gown’s frill a little bit so she doesn’t fall.

“May I help Princess Micah?” The guard asks.

“No, I am fine thanks...” she smiles.

“Good morning Mom, Good morning Dad.” Micah says as she bows her head down to them, her hair covering the view from her blue eyes.

They both smile. Cael was sitting on his chair smirking.

“Good morning brother.” Micah grits her teeth as she bows to him.

“May you be blessed.” He says his wings turning yellow.

Micah sits on the table her wings turning slight shade of red.

“Why do I have to bow to him? He is just a year older.” Micah says to her best friend Angelica, the daughter of Lilah.

She just laughs a little and they proceed to eat breakfast.

“Dad, why does everyone have the same hair and eyes color, it is so confusing, everyone looks the same.” Micah says.

Her dad just chuckles as his wings keep the white shade.

“Can you pass me the salt Cael?” Angelica asks Cael smiling her wings white.

Cael hurriedly passes the salt his wings turning a slight pink. Micah just smirks.

“What?” Cael asks whispering.

She shakes her head and smiles. They finish the breakfast and Cael hurries to his room.

“Um... Thank you Cael.” Angelica says smiling her wings yellow.

“You are...are welcome.” Cael says as he couldn’t hide the pink shade of his wings from Micah.

He then heads over to his room and shuts the door, his wings still pink. Micah knocks on his door.

“May brother Cael give permission to sister Micah, to enter his room?” Micah asks smirking.

“Come in.” he says trying to hide his wings.

Micah enters the room.

“Don’t hide it I saw it already on the dining table...” she smirks.

“What?!” he asks.

“You know it well brother Cael, your wings pink as-!” he cuts her off.

“Fine, I don’t need details.” He says his wings are still pink.

“Just tell her.” Micah say her wings yellow.

“How?” Cael asks his wings grey.

“Like this...” Micah says her wings turning gold as the room transforms in their school corridor and they see Cael running up to Angelica and stopping her by grabbing her wrist.

“Angelica, can I talk to you for a second?” he asks.

She nods.

“I...I like you...” he says his wings dark pink.

Angelica’s wings turn pink too as she smiles.

“I like you too...” she says.

Then they both lean in but then the real Cael says:

“Okay now this is enough. End this already.” He says his wings the dark shade of pink.

Micah laughs and snaps her finger as they return to the room her wings yellow.

“See it was easy...” she laughs.

“Am I a joke to you Micah?”

“No, it is easy, it is just like that, you go tell her and then-.”

Cael cuts her off.

“Fine, enough, now please leave...” he says trying to hide his pink wings.

“Pink wings look good on you.” Micah smirks as she exits.

“Wait, don’t tell Angelica.” Cael says.

“Do you think I would do your work for you? In your dreams Cael.” Micah smiles and goes to her room.

She sits on the bed. There is a knock on the door.

“May princess Micah-.”

Micah cuts Angelica off and says “Come in already, you know how much I hate it...” she chuckled.

Angelica sits down.

“Today Prince Cael is going to tell us about the other world. Emperor says we need to know about it.” Angelica says.

“Stop being so formal Angelica, it pisses me...”Micah says her wings turning a little red.

“By the way Micah, can you go through about the wing’s colors and emotions I am so confused...” Angelica says.

“Honestly? We have been taught this a hundred times already...” Micah laughs and starts telling:

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