Clumsy Girl [book one + first draft]

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one dream, a living hell one mate, an alpha one best friend, a god sent one son in-law, a pain in the ass and one story worth the pain * * * [book one in the GIRL POWER series] started writing 23.09.18 finished writing 17.05.19

P r o l o g u e



warning this story is a rough draft - really rough - there are many, many flaws and I will be rewriting this very differently, so please be nice when criticising this.



P R O L O G U E ~ the alarm clock -- just the clock, no alarm


"THE ALPHA'S HERE? For her? The Omega, abandoned on the streets and saved by the Peck's?"

"The Alpha's mated to an eighteen year old, that can't be?"

"She's too young, its preposterous to even consider the age gap."

"Mac, he wants to meet you..."

That's when my eyes popped opened, at recalling what Liam said when he bursted into our room with eyes just as wide as mine, before I could even get close to meeting my mate. I freaked out and allowed a mental break down to take over as we walked towards the so-called 'Alpha' who wished to speak with me. Luckily, it was a bad dream I had when I was eight, ten years ago, and this would be the second time witnessing it at night and in my brain as I slept. A scary movie I wish I never got forced to watch.

All the voices ringing in my head were the voices speaking in what they thought was 'whispering'. But all I heard was judgement and disapproval to what I didn't what: a mate. The dream having a part to play in the thought of a mate-basically another werewolf (or vampire, if you ever find one in the caves where they stay) that the Moon Goddess deems worthy to be, well, your soulmate. Quite horrendous, actually.

I mean, why on earth would someone want to force someone else to be the love they've been destine to have an undeniable love/relationship with? Like, really? It's not all sunshine and rainbows for me either, you know. I have to work my butt off to do other wolf's dirty chores they can't seem to get to- but that isn't the point.

The point is, that the dream I had ten years ago fears me because it was my birthday, my eighteenth to be precise, the rightful age to possibly find your soulmate. And in just one minute as of now as my eyes intensely eye the alarm clock-just the clock, no alarm for specific reasons, such as being so annoying Liam tore out the alarm in response to the noise. So, now we just have a digital clock shining brightly in our dark room-waiting impatiently if it to shine dramatically with four single numbers and two letters: 12:00am. My birthday right on the dot.

Well, technically I don't know my birthday's actual date, its just the day Liam's parents found me when I was three, three months after he turned three. So many three's, I know its hurting my brain too.

But I'm glad they took me in because if they didn't, I wouldn't have had a friend like Liam to begin with. I could've died on the edge of the road, or got kidnapped into being a substitute for money and a life sort of like that-it is not a joking matter, it could of happened. I'm being very dramatic, unfortunately its not dramatic enough...let's just say I ain't gonna make it more dramatic, but depressing instead.

Liam's parents died five years ago during a rogue attack to save our butts, with he was fourteen as it was four mouths after his birthday. They had to be the most sweetest, caring, empathetic creators to have ever lived in our pack, Black Death-honestly the most stupidest name I have ever heard. Yet, its my home and I will do anything for it. Like, clean other peoples rooms, or help out in the kitchen maybe. Not really what you call living the life, huh?

Why should I, my death bed is right below me because I have a massive hutch in my stomach my nightmare was no joking matter. I'm just crossing my fingers and toes, wishing upon the third quarter moon for it to be false, that I won't end up with a mate...turning to see the time,

Oh, god, I'm gonna die!

Just let the assassinator jump through the small window above my bed and decapitate me...

My gut fell in an instant and my eyes just as wide when I shot awake in fear to what was going on in my dream- I mean, nightmare. I'm seriously anticipating for an assassin to jump in, to be honest and I can't help the fact I was hoping it was, but it was bringing my anxiety up faster than I wanted. Considering, I don't get anxiety often so this was freaking me out just as much.

I open my mouth to squeak out a cry to get Liam to wake up and assure me nothing's going to happen, because I swear its what he does best. He's not too good when it comes to clean spaces, even his own which was lathering in dirt clothes on the ground. He should be glad I clean it for him.

My chest started to become tight and restricting me from breathing, it was like I couldn't at all. Which is why I needed Liam to wake the fugdicles up and help me through my tiny life crisis.

I placed a trembling hand over my heart in an attempt to be my own reassurance, but it wasn't working when tears filled the brim of my eyelids and fell over the side and down my cheeks. Hiccups breaking out of my mouth. I'm having a heart attack, oh my god, I'm having a heart attack- I'm being dramatic.

"Liam?" I chocked out, it was weak and miserable. It was basically pathetic, not loud enough to wake up a deep sleeper like Liam calmly sleeping in his room, his back facing me as his chest raises and falls gently.

I'm jealous he gets to sleep like that.

"Peck," I breath out his last name, hyperventilating by this point and wishing badly I could breath when my chest started to burn from the lack of air.

The only path I saw to help get him awake was to get over to him and hit his back harshly. Not like I do it just to annoy him or anything when I'm bored and feel like being a dipshit. But that isn't the point...

I lean my body towards Liam, which is my left side, and let myself fall and tuple to the wooden ground, hitting my head harshly as I hiss through a chock. Stupid Liam putting me through this traumatizing event and he's sleeping with marshmallows in his head.

I shake the pain off before walking over to him on my knees, hurting my boney knees I'm assume a bruise will be there in the morning, and leaning on the edge of his bed. I throw a profanity at him in my head and hitting his back so hard I think I heard a loud crack emit into the silence of our shared room, causing our sleeping beauty to curse at me. He held his back as he arched it to lessen the pain in it.

I would gladly chuckle at myself, unfortunately, I still feel like I'm going to die as my lungs now hurt. It feels like someone started to set a fire up in my breathing bags.

"Fuck, Macron, what the hell?!" He scowled, rolling over to face and most likely glare the poo out of me. Except, that never happened when I caught sight of his normal brown eyes wising in fear and concern. "Oh my god, Mac!"

With fear setting in his blood he quickly sat up in a frantic to lift me up with his strong, muscular arms and into his hold as he hugged me with reassurance I appreciated to no end. I calmed me down immediately now that I could breath with somewhat normal breaths.

I snuggled in closer before he asked, "What happened?" The concern in his voice is why I'm friends and family to him still. He didn't care how stupid I sound as long as he got to laugh at me, and only him.

"That dream from when I was ten," I responded, hoping he remembered how traumatized I was then so I wouldn't have to repeat it to him. I really didn't want to.

"It's only a stupid dream, Mac. Everyone gets repeated dreams. Heck, I get them," he told me, rocking back and forth softly with his chin on my head. I was playing with his shirt, watching my fingers intensely.

"I'm sure you do. Who's the girl?" I asked smugly. Lightly trying to make this situation less sappy in my part. I don't like it to be about me so much.

I heard Liam chuckle, his chest rumbling with sound as my ear was against it. I could hear his heart beat with slight off beats.

"There's no girl. Parents." He didn't have to go any further for me to feel my heart tear a bit at his answer.

"I miss them," I say softly to him. They were the best fake parents I could ever have.

He kissed my head gingerly before he voice cracked as he said, "I know.”

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